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Due to its beauty, the road during summer vacation periods and on holiday weekends is often crowded and traffic is slow.Most of the highway is so narrow and the sides so steep that there's no shoulder, limited turnouts, and no passing lanes.

Others include the vast inland areas comprising the Los Padres National Forest, Ventana Wilderness, Silver Peak Wilderness, and Fort Hunter Liggett about 20 miles (30 km) inland to the eastern foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Capitola Mall opened in 1977, and was renovated and expanded in 1988/89.

It is the only enclosed regional shopping center in Santa Cruz County.

No billboards or advertisements are permitted along the highway and signage for businesses must be modestly scaled and of a rural nature conforming to the Big Sur region.

The state of California designated the 72 miles (116 km) section of the highway from Cambria to Carmel Highlands as the first Scenic Highway in 1965.

Capitola Mall is a shopping mall located in Capitola, California.

It was managed and owned by Macerich before being sold to Merlone Geier Partners in April 2016.The first American use of the name "Sur" was by the U. Coast Survey in 1851, which renamed a point of land that looked like an island and was shaped like a trumpet, formerly known as "Morro de la Trompa" and "Punta que Parece Isla" during Spanish times, to Point Sur.The English-speaking homesteaders petitioned the United States Post Office in Washington D. to change the name of their post office from Arbolado to Big Sur, and the rubber stamp using that name was returned on March 6, 1915, cementing the name in place.While the Portolá expedition was exploring Alta California, they arrived at San Carpóforo Canyon near present-day San Simeon on September 13, 1769.They traveled through the San Antonio and Salinas Valleys before arriving at Monterey Bay, where they founded Monterey and named it their capital.The mall sits on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County.