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On November 29, 1944, KFI officials broke ground on Mount Wilson for construction of a new FM and TV transmitting facility.The ceremony was broadcast live over KFI (AM) from Mount Wilson from noon to pm that afternoon.

This was common at the time, when some station owners saw no money from FM and no future in FM.

By day, its signal can be heard around Southern California and at night, when radio waves travel further, it can be picked up around Western North America. From 1929 to 1944, he also owned KECA 1430, later 780 and now 790 KABC. In its early days, it was typically on the air for only four and a half hours a day.

From the time of its inception in 1926, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) operated two networks, the Red Network and the Blue Network.

It was on 44.5 MHz initially but, when the old 42-50 megahertz band was needed for television, the FCC allocated 88-108 MHz as the FM band.

So, KHJ-FM was moved to 99.7 in 1945 and by 1948 to 101.1 FM [1].

KFI-FM was listed in the 1951 Broadcasting Yearbook, but was gone from newspaper radio logs by mid-1951 and gone from the 1952 Broadcasting Yearbook. So, while KFI-FM made history as the first Los Angeles FM to transmit from Mt. Anthony, simply shut the station down and returned the license to the FCC.

Wilson, its short history lasted only about five years on 105.9. A new license for 105.9 in Los Angeles was issued in 1956 with the call letters KBMS (Better Music Station).

KFI (640 k Hz, KFI AM 640) is an AM radio station in Los Angeles, California, owned and operated by i Heart Media. He was an early president of the National Association of Broadcasters and, during his term, oversaw the establishment of the organization's first paid staff.

It received its license to operate on March 31, 1922 and began operating on April 16, 1922, and after a succession of power increases, became one of the United States' first high-powered, "clear-channel" stations. It airs a talk radio format, with mostly local hosts and frequent news updates. He was also a founder of one of the earliest television stations in Los Angeles, KFI-TV channel 9 (now KCAL-TV) and KFI-FM, both of which were disposed of in 1951.

Later, the 1951 Broadcasting Yearbook listed KFI-FM's power as 16,500 watts.

Through 19, KFI-FM broadcast its own music programs, separate from KFI (AM).

In 1931, NBC reorganized its West Coast operations, creating Orange and Blue networks for that area to replace its previous Pacific Coast network.