Sat nav updating maps

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Sat nav updating maps - robert buckley sophia bush dating

Tap the Sync tab, your phone will either ask you to enter the PIN number from your console screen, or, with the latest My Ford Touch software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit number to your phone.

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This workshop offers a way to reboot and reset the system.

This is a general system “reboot.” This procedure varies from what is suggested in the Owner’s Manual, but it accomplishes the same thing.

Both procedures require the owner to open things up to remove and replace things…

With your vehicle on and running (in park), go to the Settings tab (in the Phone corner of the My Ford Touch). On the next page, tap the phone tab (usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone). Let the vehicle run for at least four or five minutes.

On the right side of the screen, touch the Delete tab. Loosen the bolt holding the black battery cable clamp assembly (on the battery’s negative pole). Completely power down your phone for at least a minute. While it’s rebooting, replace the battery cable clamp assembly and retighten the clamp. Your vehicle may start up with the AM radio on, so for now, just turn down the radio and give the vehicle a few minutes to reboot before resetting anything (such as the time).

If not, check that the DISP function is set to DAY mode or have installer check the illumination wire.

Also you can adjust the brightness of the display with the picture quality adjustment function. GPS signal strength levels are shown at the left bottom corner of the screen. Certain i Pod models may not be compatible or operational. Also, please note that you need to get a appropriate cable ("i PC-709") is connect your i Pod with AVN726E.but with this process, it seems a little easier to do.I work with people every day with the Ford Sync system.I have discovered there are a number of people with issues with their Ford My Ford Touch system.The My Ford Touch was offered in some of the 20 Edge, Explorer and some Focuses.Just go to the Settings button, then select “Clock” from the tabs on the left side of the screen to find and reset the clock information.

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