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Georgiana was married to Louis Anthony Gallucci, dating back to July 24, 1965.

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Georgie was 73, and passed in Vero Beach, FL on January 2, 2018.

Lewin’s lectures from Open Course Ware—thereby forcing the tens of thousands of students around the world who were watching these legendary lectures to hunt for ripped copies on Bit Torrent.

(Imagine that: physics lectures as prized contraband! Lewin as harshly as he deserves, but—as students have been pleading on Reddit, in the MIT Tech comments section, and elsewhere—don’t For those who are interested, while the comment section starts out with a discussion of whether Walter Lewin’s physics lectures should’ve been removed from OCW, it’s now broadened to include essentially all aspects of the human condition.

The lecture will examine both the pro-suffrage and the anti-suffrage movements.

Directed by Ruth Pollak, this documentary film offers a general overview of the long and rocky road in ultimately winning the vote for women.

But I also feel that, if a public figure is going to be publicly brought down like this (yes, even by a private university), then the detailed findings of the investigation should likewise be made public, regardless of how embarrassing they are.

I know others differ, but I think the need of the world to see that justice was done overrides MIT’s internal administrative needs, and even Prof.

Georgie worked for decades as a volunteer for the American Red Cross and became a certified safety instructor.

Georgie also enjoyed her part-time work, especially during the holidays, at a local pie and bakery establishment and with the Girl Scouts.

The exhibit will highlight the work of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers, the Adirondack Mountain Club, the Summit Stewards, hiking pioneers, old time guides, and other historic and contemporary figures.

A Sense of Place: Photography of the High Peaks Opening Reception June 2, 6 PM Discover the role that Adirondack women and men played in the battle for women’s right to vote.

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