Usan sex dating

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Usan sex dating

یا شایدم کم نبوده و بعد از ریفرموله ریدن به فرمولش! Then it becomes a unique sweet/spicy but pleasing scent unique to this fragrance. I may be treading on toes here but it makes me think of a much (much much) sweeter version of Burberry London, one of the winter frag kings.

In such sweet surrounding amber tends to take a tobacco nuance, while the musk tames the extreme masculinity of this scent.Imagine a field of plastic flowers with mechanical bees buzzing over a molasses-sweet bubblegum smell...Not that its all bad; I would wear this on casual outings, but it is a monster on my skin, filling the room with sweet, sweet fragrance.I would never wear this on a plane nor to the cinema / theatre; it would drive everyone crazy and not in a good way.I live in a subtropical climate and I think this suits for summertime; it is difficult to find good fragrances to suit the climate but I now remember what Black XS' strong suite is. It smells artificial and there's not much going on.2-3 horus later, the sythetic strawberry notes turning into something sweet-sour oldschool, rosewoody-patchouli-ambergris scent which is little bit oldfashioned… - sprin/summer/fall, nighttime scent, not too versatile - sillage is moderate, longevity around 6 hours - try before buy Scent (open, top-mid): 6/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 6.5/10 (x2) Sillage: 5/10 Longevity: 6/10 Uniqueness: 8.5/10 Versatility: 6.5/10 Total: 6.375/10 Im just gonna say this. Im sorry, Im sorry, but that is what I get from the versace frag, and don't like it.

Pure starfruit or whatever, and thats exactly what I get in Black XS.

Lol You could use the same analogy with Black XS, it's probably a bit too sweet, possibly a bit cloying and artificial for those of us who are further along the path of fragrance discovery, but despite our more sophisticated and educated tastes, there's a part of us that always yearns for the instant gratification of a fragrance like Black XS - I love it, I don't wear it outside my home, but hey, the world of fragrance is a diverse and beautiful one, I will always have a bottle of this wonderful offering in my world. SKU Number: 3349668161348 Batch Number: 11874 (Production Date: 2011-07-06) Age: 18 Size: 100 ML Scent: 6/10 (Okay) Value: 6/10 (Cost Traded my Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch Batch 2012 200 ML) Sillage: 6/10 (Arm's length) Longevity: 8/10 (About eight hours) Creativity: 6/10 (Youthful party) Projection: 7/10 (About two hours) Versatility: 10/10 (Anytime & anywhere) Compliments: NA/10 (Testing it out, no feedback yet) Until next time, I'll catch you on the flipside. Mango extravaganza, I don't care if it's not in the notes, is way too obvious.

This is a very youthful scent...that's perfect for the summer. When I first tried this I really liked it, it was fresh and fruity. Whoever doesn't get it is not from the tropic nor have ever eaten a ripe juicy mango. Right from the opening to drydown I get a mix of lemon/pineapple vibe with some sweetness from the prailine.

A lot of people mention it as a nightclub fragrance. There's not much worse than encountering somebody in a hot, sticky nightclub who has bathed themself in Black XS.

If you haven't experienced Black XS, give it a try to see if you like the unique dry down. Party or date during night out will be very suitable. Black XS want to be a modern, young perfume, but the opening is terrible and smells like outdated, hardcore 80’s lemony-herbal stuffs.

Latest formulations removed a bit its sex appeal, which is too bad. 7/10 Bought this in the airport in Bahrain and wore it on my tropical Philippines vacation in 2012. Might be too sweet for some guys, but if you don't mind going the sweet route, this is fabulous. I've since smelled quite a few colognes that have the same scent, which I can't recall off the top of my head. Strawberry citruss , very nice fragrance for a blind buy. I love Black XS L'Exces so had to try the original Black XS.