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Not only known for its beaches, but Mount Putuo has been known as “Garden in the Ocean”.There are countless of ancient trees, like the thousand-year old ginkgo tree and the thousand-year camphor tree, standing 20 meters tall and has a gird of 8 meters.

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The cultural relic of cinnabar wooden bowls, unearthed in Ningbo's Yuyao region in the Hemudu Archaeological Site, can be considered as evidence of its time-honored history relating to Hemudu Culture dating back more than 7,000 years.Apart from the temples, Mount Putuo is known as a haven of blue sea, golden beaches and sun, ideal for a relaxing weekend or to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.The island boasts a few excellent beaches on each of its corners, among these, the Qian Bu Beach (A-Thousand-Paces Beach) and the Bai Bu Beach (A-Hundred-Paces Beach) are the most famous and are regarded as the best beaches near Shanghai!The entire tree covers an area of over 1000 square meters (close to 10,000 square feet). Tianyi Square is the most prosperous area in Ningbo City.It covers an area of approximately 350,000,000 square meters, surrounded by 22 buildings, each about 3-4 stories.Ornament pasting, as an exclusive handicraft in Ningbo, refers to using a kneaded lacquer mixture made of raw lacquer and tile or oyster shell mortar, to paste various patterns such as landscapes, flowers, birds, figures and pavilions on wooden or bamboo roughcasts.

Featuring ornament pasting ground with colorful paint and decorated with goldleaf, the artware is always magnificent and dazzling.Nowadays, the ancient cultural heritage, which is gradually losing followers, has found its current inheritor, Huang Cailiang, who gives training courses in Ninghai No.1 Vocational Middle School in a bid to cultivatehigh-level inheritors to preserve this ancient decorative art.Ningbo is a beautiful coastal city with stunning natural sceneries and rich in cultural heritage.These books cover local chronicles and imperial examination records of the Ming Dynasty.Covering an area of 16,000 square meters, Tianyi Pavilion is divided into three functional areas of book-storing culture, exhibition and gardening leisure.Cicheng Town was named for commemorating a loving mother and her obedient son. Locals there are very proud of the background of the story.