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Or a child is reported missing and the information is rapidly shared on our social media channels and in local media, and we're able to find that child quickly thanks to someone calling us with information about where they are.There are many more examples of how having everyone engaged is keeping our communities safe. The support we receive from our provincial policing partners at the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety is key to our successes, as is the support from the many municipalities and local service districts we police.

While police have a vital role to play, our success rests heavily on strong partnerships within the communities we serve, with other law enforcement agencies and with our partners.

There have been many changes in the province since I last worked here 20 years ago, but much has remained the same.

As you'll see in this year's annual report, we continue to live in a safe province with one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Working Together for a Safer New Brunswick From the Public Safety Minister From the Commanding Officer Frontline Operations History, Place, and People Specialized Policing Services Too Many Lives Lost: Working for Safer Roads Connecting with New Brunswickers The Long Game: Working with Youth Building Relationships with Indigenous Communities Protecting our Most Vulnerable Federal Codiac Regional RCMP Northeast District Southeast District West District Divisional Overview Our Commitment In Memoriam Follow us for public safety news, crime prevention tips, and to help us solve crimes.

Subscribe to the news release feed on our website: rcmp.ca/nb facebook.com/rcmpnb twitter.com/RCMPNB Every day, the RCMP in New Brunswick works hard, not only to solve crime, but to prevent it.

By policing 98 per cent of the province's land mass and 70 per cent of its population, the RCMP finds itself immersed in almost every community in the province.

From this vantage point, the RCMP is able to build and foster community relations, engage local stakeholders and collaboratively work toward developing positive and innovative solutions in preventing and reducing crime.We have seen time and time again the positive impact an engaged public can have on keeping their communities safe.We regularly receive 911 calls from motorists to report impaired drivers so that we can get them off the road before they hurt or kill someone.As one of many key stakeholders on New Brunswick's Roundtable on Crime Prevention and Reduction, the RCMP has made considerable contributions to improving public safety in the province.Over the past year, the RCMP has worked with the roundtable to help advance the fight in reducing the instances and impacts of intimate partner violence in the province.Regular discussions with our partners ensure we're able to share with them what we're seeing as the greatest threats to public safety, so that they are aware and we can work together on solutions.