Dating gemini men

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Dating gemini men - any dating sites good

A relationship with a Gemini might not be easy, and at times you could feel like you’re battling your way through it, but one thing it will never be is boring!If you’re the kind of person who struggles with commitment, a Gemini man could be your dream date.

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Don't worry, he won't hold you to any of it, so be as outrageous as you like to keep him guessing.My man’s other side even has his own name, so we joke about which personality I’m getting to spend time with today. You could be more correct I'm a Pisces and have been with my Gemini man for five years and not only could we be more different we are TEN years apart.We also joke all the time about his mood swings a...Ageless, charming and clever, Gemini is an excellent communicator, and can talk the birds out of the trees.Exciting and stimulating lovers, they have their own brand of charisma, and if they set their mind to pursuing someone will typically succeed.Have you ever wondered why Gemini men seem to be so perfect one second and then morph into someone completely different the next?

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and let me tell you, it’s true that many Gemini men have two completely different sides to their personality.He thinks too much, and feels too little, which has some consequences in many aspects of his life.Dynamic and exciting he's easily bored, and favors variety in all things.It's the mental stimulation more than the physical which is important.This is always a hard question to answer, as one person's idea of kinky can be very different to someone else's.Always questioning and often insightful they're typically fascinating and light spirited companions with a diverse knowledge.

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