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Born in Gwynedd, Wales, she was introduced to Jeannette Lee of Rough Trade Records, which led to her signing a recording contract with A&M Records in 2007.Following the release of the singles "Rockferry" (2007) and "Mercy" (2008), the latter reaching singles charts worldwide, Duffy released her 2008 debut album Rockferry.

"I only converted because I wanted to sleep with her. "He was betrayed by her and it was amicable in the sense that he let her go, but he was hurt. It doesn't break my heart enough to think that I would do anything differently." Only once, he says, did he think he hurt her through his work. We'd sit around and we'd make the boys little ice-cream sundaes and sit and watch Dallas.

Duffy was 36 when he rashly decided to leave the series after seven years. I wanna talk to you.' I turned to Carlyn and I said: 'They're going to ask me to come back on the show.' And her instant response -- she's a very cultured, well-read, brilliant woman -- she said: 'There's no way you can go back on that show unless the entire last year was a dream'." He must have known it would be ridiculed?

Although he had been known before it only as the Man from Atlantis, he was convinced it was time to develop a career outside Bobby Ewing. "I knew that it would disappoint some people, absolutely.

"In short order, I fell in love with the artform and with her." There was a problem, however. "And I look over and my wife's welling up in tears. You've seen me do these scenes with Victoria before.' And she said: 'I just saw a look on your face I thought you only had with me.' It broke my heart. '" Duffy has a sincere but smooth way with heartbreaking intimacies that makes you wonder if his heart ever has been broken. In 1986, while he was back filming Dallas, his parents, Terence and Marie Duffy, were murdered by two young hoodlums in the bar they ran in Montana. And when they stepped in the bar with their guns, they shot him.

Carlyn Rosser was married, and had been for 13 years. "My father kicked these two young men out of the bar at some point in the evening. Got really drunk to the point of obviously being incapable of making rational decisions. There was nobody else in the bar, so they shot both my mother and my father." Even talking about this, however, the feeling Duffy communicates is of acceptance.

"When my parents were murdered, I went through all the emotions of the horrific event of shock and anger and everything, but I never felt disconnected from them. I did not know why then, but in retrospect it was a result of being Buddhist for 15 years." His sister, a retired Seattle police officer, does not share his faith, or his attitude to the murder or, indeed its perpetrators, Sean Wentz and Kenneth Miller. Suffering is self-inflicted." But enough about Duffy. "Well, first of all, what I really like is that we start the pilot with Bobby celebrating his 60th birthday, which is very interesting for me because I left the show when I was 43, at the height of a young man's powers.

"She had been around death and murder, a cold, professional policewoman, and she was devastated by the death of my parents, absolutely inconsolable. Now he's 60, celebrating with his grown-up son and his new wife.

"They found a cancer in his throat, on the back of his tongue and had to do chemo and radiation," says Duffy. Then I'd stop again, and he would keep going all afternoon and then we'd have a drink together after work.

This is not the first time Duffy has seen his great friend suffer a health crisis. That Hagman's liver was a goner was no surprise to either of them given his alcohol consumption, not that Duffy abstained on set himself. "So I would have three drinks a day, you know, spaced out over 10 hours. He was drinking four, maybe five bottles of champagne a day, and other drinks for 45, 50 years." As I leave I wonder if he is being over-charitable to Dallas, a potboiler that perhaps did not deserve a reheating.

When Dallas was shown on this side of the water in the late 1970s, American imports had a rather different status than they do now.

They were considered artistically inferior to homegrown fare but were shown in peak time.

Duffy was one of the contestants featured in the MTV reality show “Are You The One?

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