Ntp not updating time

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Ntp not updating time - Sex video chat without any cridit card

(I assumed it would be posible to set this as a parameter / config option during tools install) After a bit of searching I found a way to do this in a VMware article called “Using the VMware Tools Command-Line Interface“.So, if time sync is disabled, you can enable it by running the following command line in the guest: Additional Notes For some (IMHO stupid) reason, this utility requires you to specify the current as well as the new value 0 = disabled 1 = enabled So – if you run this command on a machine which has this already set, you will get an error saying – “Invalid old value“.

The time sync was turned on in VMWare Tools on the guest, but the guest clocks were consistently off (by about 30 seconds) from the host clock.

The first hit may be the most useful for you: When installing VMware Tools on a Windows Guest, “Time Synchronisation” is not enabled by default.

However – “best practise” is to enable time synch on Windows Guests.

I can sync time of win7 from a ntp linux server manually.

I have noticed that our VMWare VMs often have the incorrect time on them.

If you have VMware Tools installed, then the taskbar's notification area (near the clock) has an icon for VMware Tools. If you don't have VMware Tools installed, you can still set the clock's option for internet time to sync with some NTP server.

If your physical machine serves the NTP protocol to your guest machines then you can get that done with host-only networking.

Finally in the I found this entry (resides in the folder as the file): "Your host system does not guarantee synchronized TSCs across different CPUs, so please set the /usepmtimer option in your Windows file to ensure that timekeeping is reliable. Multi core or multiprocessor systems may encounter Time Stamp Counter (TSC) drift when the time between different cores is not synchronized.

The operating systems which use TSC as a timekeeping resource may experience the issue.

We turned that off and now the guest clocks are good, getting their time exclusively from the ESXi host.

In my case we are running VMWare Server 2.02 on Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard. I had the VMware Tools installed and set to sync the time.

To prevent this, specify your full CPU speed in k Hz in /etc/vmware/config Hz = 2167000 VMware experiences a lot of clock drift.

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