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He concluded that by the time an individual is aged 20 years, nearly 28% of young men and 17% of young women had at least one homosexual experience.Approximately 10% of those polled considered themselves to be predominantly homosexual.

Freud's theory attributes homosexual development in males to a family unit in which the adolescent has a strong relationship with his mother and a conflicted hostile relationship with a domineering father.The first contact with a professional in the medical field for the teenager who is GLB is often the pediatrician, family practitioner, or internist.Many healthcare professionals provide medical care to teenagers who are GLB far more often then they realize.The practitioner's knowledge and sensitivity regarding sexuality issues strongly influences the patient's comfort level in seeking optimal health care in the future.In the 1950s, Kinsey conducted the first modern sexuality studies.Obviously, these actions are used as a way of hiding an individual's own feelings.

Teenagers who have identified themselves as homosexual, or having same-sex attraction, are at higher risk for depression, substance abuse, and suicide attempts.

Modern research on this topic reinforces the idea that sexuality is a dynamic construct that should be understood as a combination of sexual attractions, sexual behaviors, and sexual identity.

Adolescents who experience same gender attractions and behaviors more commonly label themselves as heterosexual than label themselves as homosexual.

Studies show a concordance of sexual orientation in male twins who are raised apart, lending support to the idea that biological factors greatly contribute to the development of sexual orientation.

Likewise, Bell and colleagues conducted a study of 1500 individuals identified as gay and lesbian through detailed interviews involving various aspects of their childhood environment, including parental relationships.

Trying to keep their sexuality hidden from close friends and family members can lead to a profound sense of isolation.

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