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My student told me that, in his culture, it was a sign of respect for your teacher if you give them a ‘permanent’ kind of present.

Check first though – not every supervisor finds wielding the big red pen a fun way to spend their down time.

If you feel this way you might consider a homemade, edible present which demonstrates you have taken time and care to make something special.

Christmas is a great time to make edible gifts as there are so many ‘themed’ choices in the tasty treat department.

If you are in doubt, maybe just write them a Christmas card. Are you studying in another country and therefore living in a different ‘gift culture’ than you are used to?

What do you think is the appropriate gift giving etiquette for the supervisor student relationship?

First there is the question of taste, as illustrated in this clip from the Big Bang Theory where Amy gives Penny a huge painting for teaching her how to be ‘cool’: The rest of the episode revolves around Penny hiding her horrified reaction to the ugly painting and her efforts to avoid hanging it in her house, but in such a way that she wont hurt Amy’s feelings.

However sometimes, like Amy, we want to give a gift that shows how much we care and value our teachers; store bought wine and/or chocolates can feel like a cop out.

Nothing I’ll admit I was surprised when some people questioned the idea of buying a present at all.

Some explained that in their culture it was not the done thing to give a gift to a teacher (make note all you students in Sweden).

It was pointed out that gift giving creates a sense of obligation and reciprocity, which can be awkward for a supervisor – especially if they have many students. Many people do not celebrate Christmas all because of their atheist stance, others routinely have their own religious holidays ignored by Australia’s Christian slant.

I’m not sure how you negotiate this social minefield, but perhaps, if you are unsure what is considered normal behaviour, ask the students who have been there longer than you.

) therefore people may never tell you they don’t drink. So here is my problem: I’ll have the odd glass of something, but Mr Thesis Whisperer doesn’t drink at all, so there’s no occasion to open the gifted bottles of wine at home.

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