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They begged the authorities for help, reminding them that serial killers — from Jeffrey Dahmer to Edmund Kemper — began their reigns of terror by torturing and killing animals.Now, watching the video, Green believed his warnings had come to pass."Was I part of this?

was the group's Zapruder film, only the camera was not turned on a presidential motorcade but was rather staring back at an Internet user trying to get some type of attention.It's five o'clock in the morning on May 26th, 2012, and John Green's i Phone is buzzing with an incoming Facebook message."Hey, you might want to see this video," it reads."I think it's that Luka guy you've been looking for." Still under his covers, Green clicks on the link.And a figure in dark clothing is standing next to him. Tyler Hadley's Killer Party: The Florida House Party Murders Seconds later, the figure gets up, and the bound man shifts slightly.The figure leans over the man and touches his blindfold. The video cuts at the one-minute mark, returning to the man, now with a black sheet over his head.A man is laying face up tied spread eagle to a bed.

He is nude, with a video camera positioned between his feet. A poster for the movie hangs above the man's head, which is shrouded with a white cloth.

Boyle thought, "Maybe I should watch this.'" So he clicked play, and saw a video of a human figure in a dark green hoodie asphyxiating two tabbies with a vacuum cleaner and a plastic bag. Steubenville: The Strange Saga of Online Vigilante Deric Lostutter"Shock.

In the background of the horrifying clip, people were speaking in a foreign language. Shock and disgust," says Boyle of his reaction to the video. It hit me in a really personal place and I just wanted to see this guy pay." He continued reading comments on the video.

They compiled pages of evidence, which they delivered to law enforcement — detailed photographic analysis, metadata pulled from numerous photographs, detailed locations of the suspected kitten killer's whereabouts.

They were close to catching him twice — but found themselves always one step behind him.

Boyle, under the alias "Save Kitteh" became an admin of the Facebook group , a woman on the West Coast of the United States, using the Internet alias Baudi Moovan, saw the video in her Facebook feed and found her way to the group. I don't know what drove me, I just wanted to do it." So she joined the group. He was familiar with pet torture videos, having followed the case of Dusty, a cat who was terrorized on video by a teenage boy later identified as an eighth grader from Oklahoma. Christy, a 34-year-old a mother and business owner from Texas, joined and solved one mystery — she was the one who made the original plea on 4chan.

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