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Colonel the Honourable Thomas Talbot (July 19, 1771 – February 5, 1853) was an Irish-born Canadian soldier and politician.Talbot was born at Malahide Castle near Dublin, Ireland.

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He lies buried at Port Talbot overlooking his beloved Lake Erie.

He was the fourth son of Richard Talbot and his wife Margaret Talbot, 1st Baroness Talbot of Malahide (see the Baron Talbot of Malahide).

Richard Talbot, 2nd Baron Talbot de Malahide and Sir John Talbot were his elder brothers.

Peters Anglican Church near Tyrconnell, Ontario in Elgin County.

Talbot eventually moved to London where he lived until his death in 1853.

This afforded Talbot the opportunity of extending the Talbot road from the Long Point region to the Detroit River.

In 1823, Talbot decided to name the port after his friend Baron Edward George Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, whose son, Frederick Arthur Stanley would become Canada’s governor general and donate to the hockey world the elusive trophy, which still bears his name.

By the late 1820s Colonel Thomas Talbot had organized the construction of a 300-mile (480 km)-long road linking the Detroit River and Lake Ontario as part of grand settlement enterprise in the south western peninsula.

By 1820, all of the land originally allotted to Talbot had been taken up.

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When settlers began to arrive in 1809, Talbot added a gristmill as well.