Observablecollection not updating datagrid

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Then to notify when I change a property within the entity in an observable collection, I've used a notify property within the as an example. I think yours is slightly different, but they overlap on the concepts. Observable Collection Notify when property changed in MVVM EDIT If the datagrid is sorted the previous method will not update the grid.To handle this you need to refresh the grid's view, but are unable to directly access it using MVVM.

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I have my views working populating my regions and have linked up my event Aggregator to action requests from the controls view to the datagrid view.One of my first hunches is that you are bound to the uninitialized parts member.You should consider implementing INotify Property Changed on your Car class and exposing parts as a Property.First, I'm using a straight property for my Observable Collection.We know the framework will handle any add/remove operations to this collection.If I add a Break Point to the Setter, it is only fired when the collection is initialized, and NOT when an item is added to the collection. All is currently running on the same thread, but I'd also like to look at putting the Get All Server method into a Task. Start New so it runs on a different thread and doesn't interrupt the UI animation, but when I do this the Servers collection is populated, but the Combo Box on the UI isn't updated.

So, The main problem is the Databases collection not updating the UI when an item is added.

Public Class Name List Inherits Observable Collection(Of Person Name) ' Methods Public Sub New() My Base. In particular, if you are using One Way or Two Way (for example, you want your UI to update when the source properties change dynamically), you must implement a suitable property changed notification mechanism such as the INotify Property Changed interface.

For example, you can instantiate the collection in XAML and specify the collection as a resource, as shown here: Note The objects in your collection must satisfy the requirements described in the Binding Sources Overview.

My requirement is when the button is clicked I want the view to be automatically refreshed. View Model.cs: The next part is that an Observable Collection will only notify on changes to the collection itself (add/remove).

Any modifications to an element within the list will not have have the notify message sent.

To do this, the simplest method is to implement the to the elements used in the Observable Collection I'm using PRISM 5 in the example, so it should be pretty equal to what you're doing.