Sridevi dating history

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He is credited with the authorship of the Gathas as well as the Yasna Haptanghaiti, hymns composed in Zoroaster's native dialect, Old Avestan, and which comprise the core of Zoroastrian thinking.Most of his life is known from the Zoroastrian texts.

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Notwithstanding the phonetic irregularity, that Avestan zaraϑuštra with its -ϑ- was linguistically an actual form is shown by later attestations reflecting the same basis.He inaugurated a movement that eventually became the dominant religion in Ancient Persia.He was a native speaker of Old Avestan and lived in the eastern part of the Iranian Plateau, but his exact birthplace is uncertain.The Seleucid rulers who gained power following Alexander's death instituted an "Age of Alexander" as the new calendrical epoch.This did not appeal to the Zoroastrian priesthood who then attempted to establish an "Age of Zoroaster".which coincided with the accounts by Ammianus Marcellinus from 4th century CE.

The traditional Zoroastrian date originates in the period immediately following Alexander the Great's conquest of the Achaemenid Empire in 330 BC.

These scholars suggest that Zoroaster lived in an isolated tribe or composed the Gathas before the 1200–1000 BCE migration by the Iranians from the steppe to the Iranian Plateau.

The latest possible date is the mid 6th century, at the time of Achaemenid Empire's Darius I, or his predecessor Cyrus the Great.

It is also suggested that he was born in one of the two areas and later lived in the other area.

Yasna 9 and 17 cite the Ditya River in Airyanem Vaējah (Middle Persian Ērān Wēj) as Zoroaster's home and the scene of his first appearance.

but on linguistic and socio-cultural evidence Zoroaster is dated around 1000 BCE and earlier i.e.