Who is beck dating on victorious

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Cat begins dating Tori's ex-boyfriend, Daniel, and Tori becomes jealous.Jade trys to make Tori feel awkward and in the end Tori's face ends up being punched by Cat as Cat catches Tori kissing Daniel.

Tori's parents go out for the weekend, and leave Trina with her who recently had her wisdom teeth pulled out, leaving her in pain.At the restaurant, Robbie orders a bowl of dip that he likes which causes them to pay a lot more money that they have.In the end, Tori and Andre perform live to get out of paying for the dip.Trina's "birthweek" arrives and Tori cannot decide what to get her.So Tori gets Trina Fuzeenie boots but Trina already turns up with them and Tori is very angry, so Andre helps her to write a song (your the reason).At the end, he finds another blog that will keep his blog on The Slap.

Meanwhile Cat becomes obsessed with purchasing odd things from a catalog called "The Sky Store". and Tori, Andre, Robbie, Rex, Beck, Jade and Cat decide to go to Venice Beach to cool off.Meanwhile, Trina runs into Perez Hilton in first class and steals his camera so she can "return it", hoping it will make her famous.Beck has a small role in a movie starring Melinda Murray, and invites his friends to an open casting call for extras.Jade becomes jealous when Beck starts hanging out with a famous socialite, who's name is Alissa Von) and ends up breaking up with him. Meanwhile Robbie has to write a review of Trina's one woman show for the school's social networking site, The Slap.com, but does not know how to review it when she threatens him to write a good review despite it not being good.After having second thoughts, she seeks Tori's help in getting him back. Cat starts make-up classes, and cannot find anyone to make-up, so Tori agrees to be made-up by her.Trina and Cat arrive late and the play starts with Tori looking hideous.