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Aired 7-8p ET • House Intelligence Committee Votes Unanimously To Send Democrats' Memo To White House; Trump Calls Dems 'Treasonous' For Not Applauding His Speech; Nunes Looking At State Department, Trump Calls Him 'American Hero'; Nunes Says Papadopoulos Never Met Trump, Despite Photo Evidence; Republicans Say Memo Doesn't Vindicate Trump In Russia Probe After He Falsely Claims That It Does; Dow Plunges 1,175 Points, Biggest Drop in History; Trump: Dems "Un-American" & "Treasonous" for SOTU Reaction. S Official: FBI Still Has 'Grave Concern' About GOP Memo, The WH Editing It Doesn't Change The 'False Narrative'; CNN: Trump Sees GOP Memo As A Way To Discredit Russia Probe; White House Worried FBI Director Could Quit Over Memo Release; Nunes Accused of Making Memo Changes Before Trump Reviewed It; Interview with Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana; Lawyers for Former Trump Campaign Aide Suddenly Quit. Aired on 7-8p ET • Trump Returns to White House Amid Mueller Bombshell and Questions about Possible Obstruction of Justice; CNN: Trump Wanted to Fire Special Counsel Mueller in June; Source: White House Counsel Don Mc Gahn Refused to Fire Mueller; Source: Fears Trump will Direct His Anger at White House Counsel; GOP Pushes Conspiracy Theories in Bid to Discredit Russia Probe; Interview with U. Aired 7-8pm ET • Mueller Wants To Question Trump About Flynn, Comey; Source: Trump Inclided To Release Nunes Memo If House Approves; Schumer Withdraws Offer on Trump's Border Wall; New Texts from FBI Agent Released: GOP Claims Bias; Evangelical: Trump Gets a "Mulligan" on Alleged Affair.

Aired 7-8p ET • Government Has Been Shut Down For 19-And-A-Half Hours Now; President Upset About Missing His Own Big Party, His Anniversary Party At Mar-A-Lago Tonight; Anti-Trump Protests Across The Nation All On The President's One Year Anniversary In Office; President Trump Fulfilled Some Of His Promises On The Campaign Trail.The chapter on mental health problems is a decent introduction to some common psychiatric conditions.A minor quibble – when Burnett talks about methadone addicts attempting to inject the methadone intended for oral use, he seems to attribute this entirely to addicts getting a high from using associated drug paraphernalia such as syringes, but in fact methadone is two times more effective when administered intravenously because, like other opiates, it undergoes significant first-pass metabolism in the liver when taken orally.Burnett has a sideline as a stand-up comedian, and this is obvious from the quips with which he lightens his writing.The result is a factual book that is far removed from other dry scientific tomes.There are also typos on pages 183, 184, 211, 234, 269, 274, 284, 292, 293, 294 and 298.

But perhaps my pointing this out is my brain subconsciously asserting that it wants a job as a sub editor.

The chapters are subdivided into shorter sections, which also eases digestibility.

Burnett starts by focusing on the brain’s function in regulating the body’s behaviour.

Aired 7-8pm ET • Author: 100 percent Of The People Around Trump Question His Fitness To Serve As President; Book: Trump Insisted On False Story About Don Jr. Aired 7-8p ET • New Revelations From Bombshells Book: CNN Has Early Copy; Bannon In Book: Ivanka Was "A Non-Event On The Campaign"; W.

H., Trump Intensify Campaign To Take Down Bannon; Janice Min: Every Word About Bannon Dinner Party Is Accurate; Publishers Defies Trump Lawyer's Demand To Quash Bombshell Book; Aired -pm ET • W.

The chapter on intelligence is informative, and there is an entertaining discussion of the fact that less intelligent people are often more confident.

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    Generally, part of each class will be devoted to lecture, part to a quiz, part to a review of previous exercises and part to a workshop/lab.