Dog the bounty hunter son dating a black woman

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Dog the bounty hunter son dating a black woman - carbon dating used determine

Whether how dark I think I am, I cannot say that word. And the girlfriend in question breaks her silence, coming up. My dad has had a problem with every one of my girlfriends. Dog is one of the most incredible men I've ever met and the best father you could even imagine. I think it was good for A&E to take him off the air, because he portrays to be a role model and he's not. I want to take this moment out to say that I've never been in any trouble, so I really don't get you judging my character. CHAPMAN: So, first of all, I owe Monique and Tucker an apology. Second of all, of course, all black people in America I owe an apology to. I am so — there's not — you get where — you know, when someone dies, there's no words you could tell a father or mother to tell them you're sorry about it. There's no words that anybody in any television show could think of to say when I'm sorry. (END VIDEOTAPE) COLMES: And coming up, Dog will react to his son's plea for the public's forgiveness. Not just this one time but a lot of things he says and a lot of things he does.

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I owe the rest of the people, whether they're black or not in America, an apology, because people looked up to me. All my lessons I've learned in my life have been the hard way, or I guess I wouldn't learn them. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (NEWSBREAK) (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) COLMES: And we continue now with Sean's exclusive interview with Duane "Dog" Chapman. I'm here to redeem my relationship with my father and try to make things a little easier on his life.

It's because we've used the word (EXPLETIVE DELETED) sometimes here. TUCKER CHAPMAN, SON: I don't even know what to say. CHAPMAN: The girl said she's going to wear a goddamn recorder. " So the word was written like 25 times on a piece of paper. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) HANNITY: All right, Dog, I want to go back to the second part of this tape. You said, a number of times, "I don't care if she's Mexican." You don't care about race in this particular issue or the person's black. There is another — you're saying that there is a reason why you were saying this, and it had to do with some threats that both she and your son were doing to you and your wife. And when they jumped Beth, they would have a tape recorder on there, on their bodies to turn it into the "National Enquirer." So that's exactly what I was saying: Tucker, your friends are going to jump Beth and record it. There — this "Enquirer" magazine pays you money, whether you tell the truth or a lie.

If Lyssa was dating a (EXPLETIVE DELETED), we would all say (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you. HANNITY: There's another aspect to this story, and you refer to it in the tape, that there's a sort of — something else was going on here. Let me play the second part of this tape, where you refer to this girlfriend of your son, Tucker's, and how she had potentially been involved in an incident with your wife and that there had been other attempts at taping you, because they knew you used bad language. I got that girl saying she's going to wear a recorder... And my baby Lyssa then took it to Beth, and Beth said, "What is this? It's his first interview since the world heard the tape of the phone conversation he has with his son. CHAPMAN: Well, Beth and I had gotten a message from Youngblood, Tim, my brother, that there were girls sitting out in the parking lot in tank-type shirts and were going to jump Beth.

(END AUDIO CLIP) HANNITY: You're breaking down just hearing that. Have you thought back as to why you would continue to use the word? I didn't want to have to explain to America outside my family and people that I love that know me what that means. And you actually said at the time that if he ends up back there, "It's your responsibility," you said. CHAPMAN: Well, Tucker's birthday, and I surprised him by taking him back. I surprised him by taking him back to the original cell that he was in. I couldn't name him "prison." But it was kind of like naming — there's a song with Johnny Cash, name your boy Sue. So Tucker and I were beefing about something that I had thought Tucker had fooled an organization on.

And that's what I didn't want to have to do, was explain to America what that word meant to me. If you knew that America will react that way — you've had some time to think about it since this has been released. In the interview right after, he says, we knocked them out. I did not — I did not ever want to be in the hot seat as I am right now, the hottest seat I've been in, because I'm always in the hot seat anyway. So I rode in the ambulance with Tucker, and on the birth certificate it says "delivered by father." I was in prison in Texas Department of Corrections. So I thought, this is the son that I will have, that I will be a good guy for and never go back to prison.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) HANNITY: You're living your life under fire right now.

And yet you knew he was trying to get it and that he was putting it — is there a reason why, do you think, that they were trying to do this? I will not stop until they say, "Dog has been forgiven." I am so sorry. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MONIQUE SHINNERY, TUCKER CHAPMAN'S GIRLFRIEND: I believe that Duane is a racist, because I've heard many times what he says about me. But the end of what I said is I will do everything there is in my power to make sure people have forgiven me. She's given an interview, "National Enquirer", and this is part of what she had to say today. HANNITY: And she said that she — she says that you've used this language many, many years but you're admitting to that, and you're saying that you acknowledge you've used this term. So I would imagine that she did hear — my cellie, Edward Whittaker (ph) didn't have anywhere to live so I got married in Denver and told her one day, "Guess who's coming to dinner. But again, you know, anybody in the past that, when you divorce or you end up in bad terms. But they all know in their hearts how Dog really is. Should people pay attention to the fact that people are paying other family members to come out and go out and tape them, if they're famous, and sell it to the newspapers? You know, you don't get any money anymore unless you work. I was in Texas Penitentiary with 30,000 inmates, and 80 percent were black. His name is Edward Whittaker." So, yes, she knows what I think about black people. I mean, all these — all these people are drug addicts, you know, Christopher and — sorry Christopher — and Tucker. So, you know, all of these people have got to have money or they will not talk. Here's money." Now dad has cut — obviously, they've been cut off. I did not do the right thing this time and hope you will forgive me." D. HANNITY: We're almost — did you ever at any point down the line think and stop, knowing you — you sort of knew in this statement originally...

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