He and rainie yang dating

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He and rainie yang dating - dating the rocks of the grand canyon

On her 32 birthday, the actress promised to take wedding vows before turning forty.

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She has done many studio albums such as ‘My Other Self’(2007), ‘Not Yet a Woman’(2008), ‘A Tale of Two Rainie’(2014), ‘Traces of Time in Love’(2016) and yet more others.

However, unlike other celebrities, she doesn’t conceal about her relationship and let the audience know everything.

In an interview with in 2014, she admitted that she dated Prince (Qiu Shengyi) and also gushed about his humorous and mature nature.

In this way, she will not be afraid of Ah Mon's disclosing the love letter anymore.

To Qi Yue's surprise, Yuan Yi has a similar liking for her.

Talent has no limit, and if you have strong willpower to enhance your potentials than nothing can stop you from achieving success.

The actor and singer, Rainie Yang is among them who has created her own fame in the world of entertainment purely based on her talent.She wrote a love letter and plans to pass it to him.Being as careless as only she can be, she has made her confession to the wrong person, who happened to be the school's devil, Ah Meng (her junior, a first year student in school).She is so shocked and embarrassed to see Jiang Meng aka Ah Mon's (Mike He) face that she drops her love letter in front of Ah Mon and runs away. Ah Mon is amused by the whole thing and decides to have some fun with Qi Yue.He threatens Qi Yue to print a thousand copies of her love letter and let the whole school know of her liking for Yuan Yi.Very hardworking, humble and pretty, Rainie has succeeded to reside in millions of hearts with her beautiful voice and jaw-dropping performances.

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