Fuck 2015 chat

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Fuck 2015 chat

D: Are you still using the same exact Pentax from when you were a kid? I don’t think I’m using the exact same one from when I was 18.

G: I’ve loved Kodachrome 200 the most in the last 15 years or so, but it’s been discontinued and the last roll that will ever be developed will be in December of this year. G: I did stock up on it, but it does not make a difference now because you can’t process it after December anyway.

G: What I learned from him was that if you’re going to shoot color make it count. Color film, back in the day, used to cost a lot more money to develop and it was something you had to send out to do. And from those days of it being more expensive and not as easily available, I learned to be more careful with it than I was with black and white. Another thing is, don’t do something that someone else has already done.

And if you’re going to use color make it a colorful image. If you’re going to do it, do it different, and do it better.

G: You know it depends on the session and what we’re trying to do, but very often before we do something I’ll tell someone to wear this or wear that, or I’ve got an idea because I’ve seen them before and think a certain thing will look good on them.

I definitely give people ideas, especially if I’m concerned that it might be a “problem”.

D: Do you subtly influence them to change their “ways”, or do you directly tell them to arch a certain way?

G: It depends on the person, but usually a bit of both. People who trust me (most people I work with) just want to get great shots and they know that I’m going to help them do that.I like to be as close to the action and the intensity as possible, but still show some of the background or environment.And if you’re using a tight lens, you don’t see that.But if I trust the person’s style then it’s usually not a problem.I mean you know you’re not going to tell Fugazi what to wear, right? They know what they’re going to wear and they’re going to wear it no matter what.I just try to bring out attitude in people’s faces and posture to make them look cooler than they may actually be.