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He showered and shaved and primped himself for a day of man sex.

When both Tony and Jeff came down from their orgasm highs, they released Bob from the table. Jeff looked up and reached for Tony’s cock and lined it up to Bob’s hole. That he wouldn’t ever do it again.“Oh, yes you will, “Sue said, “You will be my cuckold bisexual husband and will do as I say.”She went to the sex toy wall and got the wooden paddle he has used many times on her. All the time he was being spanked he was screaming and crying and begging her to stop. She walked away leaving him on the mattress still crying and went upstairs.At the same time, Tony also cried out that he was coming and unleashed a torrent of manly hot cum.His cock sent rope after rope of thick juice into Bob’s eager mouth. He saw flashes of lightning behind his closed eyes as he exploded his own pent up cum through the hole onto the table and onto the floor.The mushroom head popped in past Bob’s tight opening.He then shoved a little harder and slide all the way in Bob’s love tunnel.Drinks were flowing and porn was being shown on the big screen television.

Soon one after another stripped off their clothes and began playing with their cocks.

We have pics and will look to chat by phone to weed out the time wasters and picture collectors. We are unique, fit, and have been carried out non traditional lustful friendships for years.

I have just determined i actually will start cuckolding him, and therefore We are seeking an ideal man to help enjoy this one situation. I actually have played with couples or available women who all love… I’m just an unusually lustful whore looking to find fun together with sexy guys.

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Jeff began to fuck Bob with deep and powerful strokes.

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