Excel updating fields slow

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Excel updating fields slow - speed dating worthing sussex

The key to understanding what makes excel slow lies in understanding how excel calculates and recalculates when it first opened and then when subsequent changes are made to the worksheet.

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Numbers take precedence over alphabets so if you change the label of the sheet labelled “neil” to “1neil”, it will be calculated earlier.The dependency list is dynamic and as and when new formulas are entered, rearrangement and sorting of the chain takes place.The first time a workbook is opened, the process may take longer (and will be likely slow for complex workbooks) than during initial calculations simply because the first time, Excel has to start from scratch while the second time, it has some benefit of already having created the dependency tree beforehand.If a vlookup find a match in the first few rows rather than having to go through 30000 rows, it will work much faster.You increase the chances of the former by sorting the data.So if possible, place everything in a single sheet.

Start with raw data towards the left, followed by intermediate formulas towards the center and the final out put towards the right – all in the same sheet. Let’s simply update a column with identical values – in the first one the first column from another sheet and in the second, the first from from the same worksheet. When there are more than one worksheet to be updated, the order of calculation is the alphabetical order of the name of worksheet (the one that is shown on the sheet tab).

Everyone hates it when excel becomes slow to respond.

So here are some tips to avoid doing things that can slow down excel.

Now let’s get back to doing something about that slow excel workbook of ours !

All else being equal, the cell towards the top and left will be calculated first before cells towards bottom right are processed.

With this code in place, any time the workbook calculates, you know which sheet has been called.

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