10 most intimidating stadiums

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The Sooners just win, and they’re projected to win some more this year.With a soft Big 12 schedule, expect the crowd to be as ravenous as ever when teams come to play Oklahoma. Capacity: 109,901Big home games in 2017: Ohio State and Michigan State The largest stadium in college football, it’s no surprise Michigan Stadium, nicknamed “The Big House” made this list.

Known for the “White-Out” game, the atmosphere is always electric on Saturdays.Capacity: 104,944Big home games in 2017: Oklahoma, Penn State In the last five years, the Buckeyes have lost just two games at home. With over 100,000 fans ready to go ballistic in the stands, and an Ohio State team poised for another national championship run, this is a place you absolutely don’t want to play at.This one, though, will take into account the type of team each of these stadium’s will be attempting to protect.Capacity: 102,321Big home games in 2017: Auburn, Texas A&MReferred to as Death Valley, Tiger Stadium is more or less where teams go to die.With a raucous crowd and a stout defense year after year, it’s easy to see why teams can get rattled.Capacity: 101,821Big home games in 2017: Texas A&M, LSUOn here more or less by default, the Crimson Tide do the most damage before teams even take the field.

The excellence and mystique of Alabama football is enough to rattle even the toughest of opponents.Capacity: 81,500Big home games in 2017: Auburn, Florida State The Tigers have only lost three games at home in the past five years, thanks in part to a crowd that refuses to let up.They’re the defending national champions, and with a repeat on the line, Memorial Stadium is likely to be even crazier this year.Michigan can simply cram more people into the stands than any other school, and that’s not a bad strategy if you’re trying to create a rambunctious crowd.Capacity: 91,916Big home games in 2017: LSU, Florida State The humidity of Gainesville combined with the screaming of 90,000 fans is probably not the best environment for opposing teams to play their best football. Anfield (Liverpool): The Reds' anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" fuels the home team and psyches out their opponents.

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