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They both told Adrian to tell Sydney that they wished her a happy birthday.She is described as having lavender colored hair, and Adrian describes her as being pretty.

Later that night, Adrian calls her in a Spirit attack asking if he was still able to come to the pub with them.Always be mindful of it's dignity." "Octopus females can lay upward to 200,000 eggs, so it's suggested that one find a stationary shop that will sell birthday cards in bulk." "Humming the tune God Save the Queen can sooth the octopus into a calm, meditative state." These are some of the tips you'll learn in this quide book as well as enjoying the visual story of the beautiful artwork presented. Walking Your Octopus was such a cute freaking book!The book itself is a very awkward size, which caused issues with my purse. I didn't really get the humor in most of the story, but I could look at those drawings all day. It's essentially a visual, steampunk inspired guidebook for owning a pet that happens to be an octopus.The Victorian era characters and period-influenced design elements combine to create a wonderful, collectible art-object for those who still value the classic elegance of ink-on-paper.The hardcover binding is plussed with two-layer embossing and spot varnish, and the interior is printed on extra heavy paper.The absurdity of the premise is matched only by the beauty of the object."The adventurous spirit of the octopus is infectious.

After spending time with them, you will find yourself attempting many activities that might have heretofore been out of range of one's more mundane lifestyle." This fronts a page showing Victoria, our intrepid octopus-adopter, attempting (with limited success) to ice-skate, supported by the smiling, multi-skated Otto the rescued octopus. If the pictures don't make you smile, I'd tell you to unpucker and drink a G&T and then look again.Both Rowena and Adrian had been chosen to make a statue that represents life of a human from the beginning of time to the modern day.At school in making the statue, a large part of the representation fell and hit Rowena's hand, Adrian pulled off the representation off her quickly but unfortunatly her hand had already broken; Adrian fearing that her future career was over he used Spirit to heal her wounds, seeing that her hand was no longer broken she asked Adrian how he fixed her hand, to this Adrian used Compulsion to make her think that he grabbed the piece before it broke her hand.Thirty panoramic, full-page illustrations humorously chronicle the duo's home and social activities that include (among other things) bathing, biking, dating, cooking, playing croquet, and pumpkin carvin A beautifully produced and richly illustrated book that showcases the day-to-day adventures of independent girl-about-town Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto.Thirty panoramic, full-page illustrations humorously chronicle the duo's home and social activities that include (among other things) bathing, biking, dating, cooking, playing croquet, and pumpkin carving.I'm impressed with Baby Tattoo as publishers right off the bat: they designed this book to best present its contents. I wanted an affordable way to have many of Kesinger's Otto & Victoria prints so that I could stare at them in offline space and maybe pet the pages. The accompanying text is icing, with an adorable bit of worldbuilding about pet cephalopods in a steampunk Victorian society.

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