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"I don’t know half of these people on Twitter or Instagram, as if I’m supposed to call every single person and go, ‘Hey guys. ’” This is a new exciting chapter in the life of the singer who serenaded a generation of music fans as half of the British duo Floetry, with childhood friend Natalie Stewart.

We’ve maybe spent – since then – one day without each other.

Now she is finally experiencing the type of fairytale romance she has spent years singing about.

In an exclusive interview with EBONY.com, just weeks after her electric performance at the first annual L. Soul Music Festival, Marsha is opening up about her love life and, for the first time ever, revealing the real reason Floetry ended.

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Marsha plans to release new music soon, before her baby is born.

But she won’t be touring immediately like she has in the past.“He made me feel like every love song I’ve ever written. The couple met in July 2015 while she was on the Floetry reunion tour and he was one of the roadies. “I just knew he was very attractive and a distraction that I was completely set on staying away from.” But, a month into the tour, after a gig in Norfolk, Virginia they started chatting and strolling as they looked for somewhere to eat.This was what I was talking about," Marsha says of her boyfriend. “It was a four-hour walk through Downtown to the ‘hood and back to our hotel,” she says.I’ve damaged my own heart, taking on the burden of someone else’s bulls**t and vice versa. I do it every time.” I reached out to Natalie's management for comment, but did not hear back. Marsha never asked when or why Natalie broke up with her ex. “We just embraced, tears fell, looked over old photos, brought up old jokes,” she recalls. This is the person that I loved.” She invited Natalie on stage at her show at a London gig shortly thereafter.Marsha dodged the real reason for the split for years, suggesting they had merely grown apart. The reception was positive and they decided to do a reunion tour to give Floetry fans what they wanted. We had to hear the music and there we were, right back on stage, side by side," she says. What does is old feelings, old habits.” There are no plans to release any new Floetry albums, but they’re supportive of each other and their respective solo projects.Marsha Ambrosius is talking about that video—the one that went viral when she posted it to Instagram. It’s a girl and she is hopelessly in love with the father, her boyfriend Dez.