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This is why, when you’re running late to work, you see every clock in the house, but cannot seem to find your car keys.That manuscript will take 5 times longer to complete because you keep forgetting what you were writing.

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We already have enough battles to fight, no need to add another to the list. It would be far easier to believe that this is an OK thing to do and that you will be able to recover from this later. The sooner you can get them out of your life, the better.

It is also why, once you calm down, you frequently wonder why you were so upset to begin with…mammalian brain overtook logic.

This is also why the gazillion action figures your child leaves littered across the floor suddenly becomes a capital offense two seconds after you accidentally set dinner ablaze.

It is doubtful Eve would have eaten from that tree if she had a firm belief in the truth of God’s word.

It is also doubtful she would have gone to the trouble if the tree were on the top of Mount Everest. Everest, and stand firm on the truths of God’s word and His desire for purity.

For quite a while now, masturbation has been a gray area of Christian sexuality.

It is fairly “accepted” for men and rarely discussed among women.

is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC's Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church.

At the heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), headed by Fred Phelps and based in Topeka, Kansas.

So, if stress will always be present, how can we use it to our advantage instead of becoming its unwitting victim?

And anyone who has ever written that term paper the night before it was due knows stress can be quite helpful.

Most importantly, though, seek His strength and His wisdom. “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.

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