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Chennai video chat with dating girls aunty - Sex dating sites in bangalore

Then the scenery changed to vacant rugged terrain along the waters edge and fewer people were around.

I was sure it was the biggest dick my wife had ever seen.After laying out tanning for about 90 minutes, I suggested we take a walk on the beach.We strolled over a mile down the sunny, sun kissed sand along the edge of the water chatting and enjoying ourselves.I knew there would not be any sex that night, vacation or not.Barb just wouldn’t be in the mood 2 nights in a row.I figured I would surprise my wife with an early return, and take her out to dinner.

I returned to our suite about 5PM and our room was empty. I looked out the widow toward the beach and saw my wife having a rum cocktail at the pool bar.I don’t think she had ever seen anyone’s dick but my own.It was approximately 7 inches long and thick, hanging almost halfway down his muscular thighs. As he walked by us, he smiled at my wife and said hello. He disappeared into the distance giving us a view of his black muscular ass.I was stunned when my eyes wandered to the right, and saw whom my wife was talking to as she sipped her drink.My innocent, white wife was in fluent conversation with the black man we had seen on the beach the day before!!His ding dong was the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life!! Had she been turned-on by the sight of that man’s big black “ding dong"? As we finally made our way back to our lounges on the beach, Barb promptly ordered a rum drink from the beachside bar. That night in our bedroom we made love for the first time in 2 months. Was she thinking of what she saw on the beach, I wondered? Barb had been turned-on by the sight on the beach earlier.

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