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Today I wore Hypnotic Poison as the next leg on my vanilla note perfume journey.My first thought was that this one was really mis-classified as a vanilla bomb.

It didn't evolve much either, so for me, it was just too much of a 'meh' kind of one-dimensional almondy thing. It was actually a friends signature scent but she passed away.Its a warm, sexy cozy fragrance that makes me think of warm fuzzy sweaters, red lipstick and undone messy hair. From the first moment I tested Dior's Hypnotic Poison @ Macy's during its launch, I was completely spellbound by the intoxicating aroma of creamy almond and rich exotic woods bloomed on my skin. I just want to advise anyone thinking about making a blind purchase of Hypnotic Poison to actually try it on their skin.It's one of those fragrances which can react very strongly to personal body chemistry, and unfortunately it reacts very very badly to mine.I'm really glad I have it but I think my 30ml bottle will last ages. The drydown for both is warm, vanilla Almond cream with a tiny bit of earthy patchouli note.Weirdly I feel like the EDT lasts longer on my skin than the EDP? For me there will never come a day I will not own a bottle in my perfume collection. However something about her kept me coming back to try her out.... Then the other notes come in and blend everything together. The oil content and projection in this is through the roof, especially for an EDT.

Hypnotic Poison, I didn't care for her when she First launched Because I was comparing her to The Glorious Purple Queen POISON which had no resemblance whatsoever PLUS I didn't Understand That Play-Doey Note, it smelled Weird and Plastic like to me at the time,...I thought that perhaps the bottle in that shop had gone off, especially given that the other flanker and original Poison had been fine on me, so I tried it again. So those old rules about never purchasing a fragrance for others unless you know they love it, and never blind buying perfumes unless you are prepared for possible disappointment, monetary loss (and a sandblasting experience to rid your upper dermis) really applies to Hypnotic Poison. It would be a charming addition, but I never got over its close association with the original Poison, which was about as overdone as a Phil Collins song back then.It's strong and "unscrubable" if it doesn't work with your skin. I was first introduced to this fragrance shortly after launch when I was demonstrating for Dior. Only when you've had it on a couple of hours does the hypnotic element take over. But I'm a big girl now, and maybe it's time to enjoy it for what it really is - gorgeous.Moving on to the next vanilla and hoping to have a better experience. There is definitely a yummy quality to this perfume. This has a lovely warm, vanilla smell to it but unfortunately it doesn't last more than an hour on me!!! Just bought this as my birthday present to myself even though it has been on my list forever. I have many favorite vanillas, but this one is so rich and deep, and it is dynamic.Disclaimer: Don't beat me down for what I'm about to say lmao. Looked at the notes and rave reviews and was like mmm, SCRUMPTIOUS! Then the plum turned sickly.cough syrup and the powder diminished only a little. But I have no idea how people think this smells good! That said there is enough spice to balance out this yummy vanilla. Do you ever find a fragrance that when you smell it, you think it's ab-sol-utely gorgeous..love or really like the smell..have a debate with yourself whether to buy it or not..realise you just couldn't or wouldn't wear it on your skin in public, because it's not really you? Every single time i go shopping i HAVE to smell some perfume and i brought this tester stick back. I definitely want to buy it but i don't think i'll ever wear it outside. I think i'll buy a bottle just so i can smell it now and again for the sake of soakin up that lovely fragrance... Disappointed with the lasting power of an expensive perfume. I can smell beautiful white flowers at times which smell summery, but other times I smell sultry gourmand notes which make me love it for cold winter days. Starts of sharp with a citrus note followed by a bitter Almond sharp note goes away quickly and I get lots of vanilla and Almond cream.Also, I totally agree with Nirhtuc who noted a men's cologne feel. If you agreed with my initial review the this one might be more up your alley! It's a little sweet for me personally but the oriental scent really captures me despite this.