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That still didn’t stop us being down for breakfast at the earliest time.

Most importantly no more being able to chat, or not, about everything and nothing.This took us by surprise coming so soon after such an indigestible snack so we stopped at a bench at the top and took in the view over to Whitby Abbey.The rest of the walk to Littlebeck was pleasant enough but pretty uneventful.We turned right at Egton Manor and followed the estate road the 1.5 miles into Grosmont.It was really peaceful walking into the village and the only traffic we saw was the groundsman (on his mobile phone) rolling the cricket pitch.After yesterday’s foot-numbing hike todays task was somewhat easier – 8 miles to the tiny hamlet of Littlebeck.

Although the distance seemed ridiculously short there was a lot to take in on this section so we decided to take it really easy and stop as many times as possible to enjoy the moment.Day 14 Glaisdale to Littlebeck (8 miles) Woke up shattered after too much sleep.As usual I was ready way too early for breakfast so I spent some time writing my journal and contemplating the highs and lows of the previous 12 days.We crossed the stream and entered East Arncliffe woods which were very quiet and picturesque.Before long we met a road and wound our way as slowly as possible into the village of Egton Bridge.Once we hit the first buildings it was clear that this was a popular tourist spot.