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“When he flips off the wall, ideally he’s in the center of the lane,” Loeffler said.

And this month, Snyder will deploy again, this time to Rio de Janeiro, for the 2016 Paralympic Games, where he intends to swim in six events, defend his two 2012 titles — in the 100- and 400-meter freestyles in the S11 category, for athletes who are completely blind — and perhaps steal a couple more across an assortment of butterfly, backstroke and individual medley events. I feel like those are mine to lose.” While the 2016 Paralympic Games have been plagued by financial woes, which have forced organizers to slash budgets ahead of Wednesday’s Opening Ceremonies, none of the competitive events themselves will be affected, and a grass-roots campaign — called #Fill The Seats — to send Brazilian children to the Games for free recently received a boost when it was promoted in a tweet by the rock band Coldplay.His reality is that everyday life is more challenging now than it was before the injury. “I have this golden opportunity in front of me,” he said one morning following another training session.“I’m going to embrace it wholeheartedly.” [Photos: Brad Snyder finds new horizons in the swimming pool] The military man in Snyder has come to think of the quadrennial Paralympic Summer Games as deployments.Brad Snyder still sees the pool spread out around him, vivid as ever, his blindness be damned, as sure as he can feel the water against his limbs.He sees the wake forming behind him as he churns through his lane and the black lines on the bottom and the bright colors of the lane lines, guiding him to the wall.It’s not that Snyder, a 32-year-old Baltimore resident, is trying to escape his reality.

His reality is that he is blind, having been wounded by an IED in Afghanistan in 2011 when he was a lieutenant in the Navy, and he is getting better every day at accepting and embracing that.

This fall, when Snyder returns from Rio, the transition almost certainly will be smoother than it was after London.

He hasn’t ruled out a run at a third Paralympic Games, in Tokyo in 2020, when he will be 36.

(He wears protective sleeves to lessen the effect.) Once, at a major international meet, he wound up turned around and backpedaled into the wall, losing nearly four full seconds on the field — but he made up the time and still won.

As Snyder’s coach, part of Loeffler’s job is to minimize gross inefficiencies, illustrated most vividly by his role as Snyder’s “tapper.” As S11 swimmers approach the wall, the tapper stands on the deck holding a long stick with a tennis ball attached to the end and smacks the swimmer on the small of the back, which is the swimmer’s signal that it is time to make a flip-turn.

They were risks he understood to be part of life as a lieutenant in a SEAL explosive-ordnance disposal unit.