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By the third or fourth century, some Love Feasts were celebrated as communal, charitable meals which served meat—a rare treat for the poor.By the time Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the practice of the Love Feast began to fade in the Western church, according to Mr. The modern history of the Love Feast dates to the 18th century, when the Moravians in Germany introduced a service of sharing food, prayer, religious conversation and hymns.

The first Moravian Lovefeast in North Carolina was celebrated on November 17, 1753, when a group of 15 Moravians established a temporary settlement at Bethabra, located 2 miles from WFU.To help me prepare for an upcoming presentation at the Brethren World Assembly this weekend, I created a brief survey on the Love Feast and publicized it on Facebook and through email to all 23 District Executives.I was surprised to see so many responses, after 4 days the total is 177! Paul Last night I attended Wake Forest University’s 47th annual Lovefeast, a Moravian-style Lovefeast that has become the largest Lovefeast celebration in North America.“It’s a very pretty service, very reverential and contemplative,” said church member Sarah Lee Myracle.“I always look forward to it as a time of reflection.Many of you may be aware that the United Methodist church has traditionally celebrated Love Feasts. Love Feast – UM churches savor simple Advent service by Mary Jacobs, Every year during Advent, since the mid-1970s, church members at First United Methodist Church in Brevard, N. They unpack the special mugs, the aprons and caps from storage; they order the yeast buns from a bakery in Winston-Salem, and they buy the beeswax candles and wrap them in red paper skirts.

Here is a recent article by Mary Jacobs of the United Methodist Reporter on the Love Feast. It’s all in preparation for a special Christmas Eve service called the Moravian Love Feast, and it packs the church every year—with members of the church as well as folks from the community.

The broader tradition of the “Love Feast”—worship or fellowship centered on a simple meal—has a solid Wesleyan heritage, as well as roots that hearken back to the early church.

And it’s a concept that many Christians would benefit from rediscovering, says Paul Stutzman, author of (Wipf & Stock, 2011).

Michael Hawn, director of the Sacred Music Program at Perkins School of Theology, part of Southern Methodist University.

Early Christians celebrated Love Feasts in homes, enjoying a simple meal together followed by communion.

“Every so often we get a minister who thinks this might be something we should change,” says church member Donald Myracle.

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