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They achieved their goals to finish with their bodies and their bikes (both on Hightower LT\u2019s) in one piece with Nic in 29th in the U21 category and Kyle in 112th in the Elite Men\u2019s.Kyle Bowman handling business like it's just another day at the California Enduro Series.90F one day and raining the next.

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The boys kicked off fast in the morning and by the Tech Zone at stage three they rolled in all smiles.Here’s why: You’re (probably) from a capitalistic Western country where people believe in individualism and economical freedom. The good news is that it’s dirt cheap because, well, a socialist country will always stay on the ground. I know that it’s uncomfortable to talk about this stuff, but you have to do it.The bad news is that she (maybe) believes in the opposite of what you believe in. You have to do it BEFORE you call her your girlfriend and before you meet her socialist daddy. I know that you want to get laid (and maybe even married) but now you have to survive a two-minute history lesson.Donate to the restoration funds for wildfire-impacted trails near Santa Rosa and Santa Barbara for a chance to WIN one of two special edition Santa Cruz Hightower-LT's.All proceeds benefit trail restoration projects by the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance and the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers.What better place to recover and prepare for the next race than the MTB heaven that is Whistler?

Along with Mark, Iago, and Loosedog, the usual crew was joined by Rat Boy (Josh Bryceland), Alex Mc Guiness (Krunkshox), two Factory Racing team members Nic Bean and Kyle Bowman, the Nomads (Chris Johnston and Dylan Wolsky), and finally Nathan Riddle.

Here’s the deal: If you want to meet stunning Bolivian women online, there’s only ONE dating site I can recommend. I’m talking about the romantic getaway you stay in. She’s standing right next to the lavatory…and she can barely look over it. But if you look at “height” in their profile, you’ll be shocked. What I’m about to teach you is important for your first date, your first steamy night, and for your first child. Here’s what you have to know: Heck, they even hate Argentina and its lovely women.

And no, it’s not (Can someone check if this site actually exists? And I’m not just talking about any normal romantic hotel. You’ll stay in the Palacio de Sal, a hotel that’s located at the edge of Salar de Uyuni. She’s naked and you enjoy looking at her beautiful body. You don’t want her to be all alone under the shower. When you join Latin American Cupid and search for Bolivian women, you’ll have to look closer to see the full picture. With an average height of 4 feet and 11.5 inches, Bolivia is home to the shortest people in the world. If you’re dating a Bolivian girl, you’re most likely dating a dwarf. Now you know everything you SHOULD do when dating Bolivian girls. What’s more important is that you know what NOT to do. I doubt that you had a Quechua class in high school, but you might speak one or two words of Spanish. In fact, the people of Bolivia hate all their neighboring countries. Just imagine…You meet an incredibly sexy Bolivian girl and on your first date you suggest a trip to Chile.

It hadn't rained for 40 days up here in Whistler but as it turns out if there is a drought all you have to do is schedule an EWS.

The rain fell (again) but only lasted a few hours and this time around it actually improved the condition of track.

Crankzilla would be the second EWS appearance for both Nic Bean and Kyle Bowman from the Factory Racing team.

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