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Not requiring much interpretation was showing a ‘refugee wave’ sweeping away Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.Our group of journalists was invited into the Town Hall to meet the Lord Mayor and enjoy a party complete with a band, singing, sausages and beer.

I can see it as a perfect place for lovers and maybe even a great place to propose to your special someone.

But as we walked around town, the Karneval spirit was everywhere.

There was a lot of singing, much less “selfie-ing” than I would have seen at a festival in the States.

The only person with a frown was the caricature of Donald Trump depicted on a Karneval float.

On Rose Monday, with the parade cancelled, the shops, museums and restaurants were closed, but it gave me a chance to walk around the City and see it in a different way.

No matter what your interests, you’ll find that the Dusseldorfers (yes, Dusseldorfers) themselves friendly and they know how to enjoy life.

I learned this myself, when I was invited by Air Berlin and the Düsseldorf Council of Tourism to come to Dussesldorf for Karneval and be a guest of honor on the Council of tourism’s parade float.

For just a few Euros a visitor can purchase a Düsseldorf card that offers unlimited use of trams and buses within the city area and free or reduced entry to museums and various attractions. A short tram ride takes you Media Harbor featuring modern art and building that look like modern art, some from noteables German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and American architect Frank O. You’ll find Düsseldorf has plenty to offer even when it’s not Karneval time.

Walking along a lovely promenade on the left bank of the Rhine River, there are shops, cafes and bars.

Another made fun of America’s Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and another showing Amazon as a red devil.

A favorite was that of a woman lighting a rocket to which two immigrants labelled “Sexual offender, ” were tied.

Most of the city’s historic buildings were destroyed during World War II, but Düsseldorf today is a wonderful mix of architectural styles.

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