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Linzi Mc Cartney, 26 — who has two sons with the star, 27 — named him as three-week-old Ellie’s dad and gave her his surname.

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But in 2015, the mum of his youngest daughter Layla claimed the little girl didn’t recognise him because she hadn’t seen him for a year.She wrote: “Imagine getting your ex pregnant, lying to your new girlfriend about your daughter, then plastering a picture of her in your Instagram.” Receptionist Linzi also revealed she had officially registered three-week-old Ellie’s birth today.The tot has Griffiths’ surname and her middle name is Gloria — after the Scotland star’s mum.After today’s online spat, Griffiths turned up at Linzi’s home in Dundee in a £70,000 Range Rover while she was out.When our reporter approached him, he replied: “You’d better get out my face.” A pal who was with the Parkhead star in the motor shouted: “F*** off, there are kids here.” After Linzi returned, the friend got the youngsters out of the car and dropped them off.Now it seems the person has struck again, this time targeting a string of young saplings.

Residents of Bournemouth called for destroyed trees to be removed after they were poisoned.

She’s not talking to anybody.” Celtic did not comment.

Sales of a controversial high-strength tonic wine are soaring as it breaks into the best-selling alcohol brands league table for the first time.

It’s thought Linzi and Griffiths did not exchange any words.

The proud mum has posted a string of cute snaps of her “little princess” Ellie online since her birth last month.

The Grocer said: 'Buckfast is shaking off its controversial reputation to become one of the nation's bestselling booze brands.'The magazine added that the drink accomplished this growth without a listing in the UK's big four supermarket chains - relying instead on its presence in the Co-op and convenience stores.'Pitching Bucky as a dinner party drink to the chattering classes may be too tough a sell but plenty of other big players have proved that, with a little bit of creative thinking and flexibility, drinkers can be encouraged to rethink how much a brand is worth.'Buckfast sales manager Stewart Wilson said it has been boosted by an ongoing effort to reposition the brand as an accompaniment to food, having enlisted chef Martin Blunos to showcase 'how versatile it can be' and worked with mixologists on cocktails.