Cybersex video chat no sign up

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Cybersex video chat no sign up

I reasoned if a man were on that website his marriage was over anyway and if he didn’t date me, he would simply date someone else.‘However, in hindsight I was naive.

IT consultant Ashley, 50, said he earned £25,000 a month but the reality was he was bankrupt.

But I was far too trusting.’Shockingly she claims many affairs sites appear to be linked.

‘When you join one, you don’t realise your details will be circulated to others.

Some 37 per cent of this age group confess in engaging in internet affairs and cybersex.

A few hours later she received a message via Facebook from his daughter.

‘The worst part was telling the children Ashley wasn’t the person we all thought he was. It was such a low point.’She adds: ‘People might say I knew what I was getting into when I went on an affairs website.

But maybe I am too nice – certainly I realise now I was foolish - but I never expected to be treated like this.’Marie is telling her story to warn women not to join no-strings websites.

‘I can imagine some might say I joined an affairs website so must have known what I was letting myself in for.‘But in hindsight I was very vulnerable because I’d just come out of a very long relationship.

I am the sort of person who takes people at face value.

Now suddenly he rang and coldly said, “I don’t want to see you anymore.” I was crying on the phone.

I couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.’ Researchers estimate 60 per cent of men are unfaithful compared to 40 per cent of women.

, wants to warn other women not to be tempted as she was to join the site - which she said was called No Strings Affairs - or one like it.