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Sex and drugs seem to be the main attractions of Satan worship.

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Recent reports of an increase in the incidents of disappearance or theft of consecrated hosts from many Catholic churches in the state is viewed as a sign of the growing penetration of Satan worshippers in the state.

He mostly confined himself to his room, and none of his neighbours knew anything about him.

The police believe that the accused might have taken to astral projection as part of the devil (satanic) worship which is gaining ground in a big way in the state.

The Kerala police, which was probing a multiple murder in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram in the first week of April, rejected the defence of the accused that he committed the heinous crime as part of an experiment to "detach human souls from their bodies", but warned people against clandestine groups promoting such bizarre practices, gaining ground in the state.

The investigators had taken the statement of accused, Cadell Jeanson Raja, 30, who confessed to murdering his parents, sister and aunt with an axe, seriously, since he had shown some signs of delusional disorders during the initial interrogation.

The service is conducted mostly in isolated houses or apartments.

He said that the organisers of 'Satan ' have been luring people by making fake claims that it can solve their problems and bring riches, besides destroying their enemies.The cult gained ground in Kerala following the tourism boom.The Satan cult disagrees on the fundamental principles of Christianity, according to this report, which further states, Satan worshippers are against everything that is deemed sacred by the church.Several churches in the state reported theft or attempted theft of consecrated hosts recently.There have also been reports of some Christian devotees selling consecrated hosts to the Satan worshippers.Black Mass is the main ritual of Satan worshippers.

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