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An easel painting typically has at least four basic layers: support, ground, paint, and varnish." Download PDF Cyclopedia of Painting : containing useful and valuable information on the following subjects: adulteration of paint, blistering of paint, brushes, calcimining, carriage painting, china painting, colors, color harmony, color mixing, color testing, exterior painting, gilding, graining, house painting, marbling, mildew, oils and driers, oil painting on glass, painting a bath tub, painting in distemper, paperhanger's tools, paperhanging, pigments, plain oil painting, primary colors, priming, scenic painting, sign painting, stains, staining, stencilling, turpentine, varnishes, varnishing, water color painting, when not to paint, practical points on painting, useful information..."The facility with which ready-prepared colors can now be obtained has no doubt led to a neglect of information as to their composition or special qualities, a small amount of knowledge only being picked up in the course of practice from the men with whom each painter is associated, and who have obtained their own information in a similar unreliable manner.

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"Of the Measures of the human Body, and the bending of Members: It is very necessary that painters should have a knowledge of the bones which support the flesh by which they are covered, but particularly of the joints, which increase and diminish the length of them in their appearance.

As in the arm, which does not measure the same when bent, as when extended ; its difference between the greatest extension and bending, is about one eighth of its length." PDF (13.6 MB) EPUB Kindle Daisy Full Text Dj Vu Read Online "IT is quite impossible for me, in this discussion of terms and principles, to indicate, in any measure, the possibilities of composition, in lines and spots of paint, in tones, measures, and shapes. All I have undertaken to do is to give a few very simple examples and to indicate the kind of reasoning to be followed, recommending the same kind of reasoning in all cases.

Yet the difference or abuse of creeds may be said in most cases to affect works of Art only in their extrinsic conditions; the great painters were so generally penetrated with the spirit of the faith they illustrated, that the most unworthy subjects were often the vehicles of feelings to which all classes of Christians are more or less alive.

The implicit recognition of apocryphal authorities is, however, not to be dissembled ....

If you find this website useful, making a purchase from them will help keep it up and running. A Treatise on Painting, written by Cennino Cennini in the year 1437 and first published in Italian in 1821 with Introduction and Notes by Signor Tambroni containing practical directions for painting in Fresco, Secco, Oil and Distemper, with the Art of Gilding and Illuminated Manuscripts adopted by the Old Italian Masters. Merrifield, with introductory preface, copious notes, and Illustrations in outline from celebrated pictures.

"Of all the modes of painting used by the masters of these times, as well by those who succeeded them.

©2005 Do not reprint without permission "The history of painting has included the use of many different materials.

The basic definition of a painting: a pigment mixed in a medium and applied to a support.

The serpentine is a soft stone, and is not good; marble is worse, that is, softer; porphyry is the best of all; and if you procure a slab very well polished, it will be better than one with less polish. Take another stone, also of porphyry, smooth on one side, and raised on the other, in the shape of a porringer, and half the height of one, of such a form that the hand may hold and guide it at pleasure " Download PDF Right click on the link and save as Read Online Faithfully Translated From The Original Italian, and Digested Under Proper Heads, By John Francis Rigaud, Esq.

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