Memphis sex cam

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Memphis sex cam

We meet William’s war-widow mother, who seems delightful.We watch as young William (Jermel Nakia, who also deserves a huge shout-out) says a tearful good-bye to his mother when she has to move to Pittsburgh to take care of her ailing mother.

As William tells Randall later, his was a life of almosts and could haves.

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It is this good-bye and separation from his mother, the most important relationship in his life, that inspires him to write his first song for the cover band he’s in with his cousin, Ricky (played by ’s Brian Tyree Henry, in a role I wish we could see again).

The song brings the band to the brink of a big break — but suddenly, William is off to Pittsburgh to care for his own sick mother.

William wants to know more about Randall’s father, and before long, they make a pit stop at the tree where they scattered some of Jack’s ashes. There are many lovely scenes in this episode, but William thanking Jack for raising his son to be a good man will stick with me for a long time.

How do you beat a line like, “I would’ve like to have met my son’s father,” in the soul-stirring department? The barbershop, where the guys reminisce about their old hairstyles.

And of course William would promptly take those maps and toss them out the window. • The most powerful moment of the whole William-and-Randall-do-Memphis montage is their stop at the segregated water fountains.

Randall takes a big ol’ sip from the white fountain, and encourages William to sneak a sip as well.

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Randall isn’t the only person William owes an apology to for his choices. When William and Randall walk into his old bar, they find Ricky sitting there, as if he’s been waiting for William to return since the day he left.

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