Alcoholic dating patterns

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Codependent relationships are about filling each other’s emotional holes, and this task soon becomes wearing on both partners.

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“We’ve only been dating for ten days,” Erica excitedly told me, as she described her relationship with her new boyfriend.

Another risk when you rush a romantic relationship is that you may not get a chance to really know the person you are involved with.

According to a study conducted by the global research agency , 53 percent of Americans reported that they lie on their online dating profiles.

But these positive feelings also come with a dilemma.

They can create a sense of urgency to push a budding relationship further, sooner, to “rush” the next step, in an attempt to solidify the positive energy that accompanies a new romance.

If a relationship is going to be an enduring one, you have all the time in the world to allow things to evolve. It is important that you honestly identify whether or not you may have a tendency toward codependency in your romantic relationships.

Codependence often starts out feeling like true love, or “love at first sight.” But this kind of infatuation cannot last, because it is based on need, not true affection or love.

For this reason, many 12-step programs recommend that members do not form romantic relationships with other members.

People in recovery need to focus on their own needs first, vs. Once they become emotionally strong and secure in their own worth, they are ready to start a romance with less risk for codependence being a part of the mix.

For someone in recovery, a new romantic relationship can seem like a gift from Heaven.

The struggle and pain of recovery can be forgotten for a time, replaced by the bloom of infatuation and the expectation of more good things to come.

Expressions of love, even when they are part of cute gifts, send a message.