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9) The Burlesque Forum ( it hasn’t been updated since 2007, sure, but the quality of the burlesque news and commentary is stellar.

4) Michelle L’Amour ( a sexy, but classy, layout gives this blog a leg up over other performer-based blogs. L’Amour gives regular updates on burlesque happenings around the globe and pulls back the veil of some aspects of her life.Great videos and an easy to navigate design can also be found here.8) Tiara The Merch Girl ( a Brisbane-based blog run by a self-proclaimed “burlesque apprentice, improv rookie, circus trainee, [and] all around creative chick.” Sometimes witty (her Dita Von Teese rant is comical because it’s true), sometimes whimsical, but always stocked full of interesting burlesque tidbits, this blog is an interesting look into the mind of an up and coming burlesque entertainer.7) Shake It ( the layout and design of this blog could be better, but Shake It Doll’s a must see blogging site for UK burlesque enthusiasts.The blog has everything from event listings in different countries to casting calls, interviews, modeling, and fetish links.Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper said he has been lobbying Cher for years to return to films.

“She brings a soulfulness and gravitas to this character that will ground the story,” Culpepper said.The ordinance is not new, and only a few minor changes were made, according to Sherlock, who said, “‘Adult Oriented Establishments’ will now be known as ‘Adult Entertainment Establishments.’” The borough council’s executive session on Jan.20 dealt with the litigation regarding the constitutional right to operate a gentleman’s club in Morrisville.“The only person who was more excited than I am is Christina.” By PETRA CHESNER SCHLATTER Journal Register News Service MORRISVILLE, Pa.— The topic of sex and freedom of speech in Morrisville Borough has come up again.James Downey, borough council solicitor, said he is working on changes to the ordinance and that the decision to revise the ordinance came because the borough needs to “have better defense for the federal court case.” He cited the pending court case with Stockham Interests, which wants to use the historic Stockham building for its burlesque club.

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