Brasov dating din romania

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Brasov dating din romania

The Citadel was the main stronghold of the rebels in 1688.

In 1553 the Citadel got its present aspect and in 1630 four bulwarks were added to the building.

It is situated in the southern part of the Fortress and it was built in two stages: between 14 and between 15, being rebuilt in 1750.

It has a hexagon shape and it is protected by walls 2 to 4 metres thick.

One can admire the historical centre of Brasov from a terrace situated next to the White Tower.

Brasov, one of the most fortified cities in Transylvania, had strong defence walls and bulwarks.

From 1385 from the process of building the church until 1477 were was finished and up to 1689 when it caught fire, the name of the church was St. Due to the dark colour of the burnt walls, it was called the „Black Church“ and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Brasov and Transylvania.

Built in 1524 on a hill near the old fortress, the Citadel was an observation and military outpost.

In 1228 Brasov was known bythe name of „Brasso“ and the actual name of - Brasov - appeared only in 1324.

During this period, Brasov was known as a powerful fortress surrounded by high stone walls and defended by bulwarks, towers and other small fortresses, every group of craftsmen in the city being charged with the defence of a certain bulwark or tower.

Its role was to support the access to the city and to link the "Schei" district to the Fortress.

The Gate was built in the Classical style, having three openings: two lateral for pedestrians and a central one for vehicles.

One can still see and visit today some of the old fortifications in the city.

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