Updating 2g iphone

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Updating 2g iphone

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Hi, FYI, I had the same problem and your advice worked! I was worried I would have to download everything again. Make sure i Tunes recognizes the computer you’re using as “Authorized”.You can do a hard reset by: Holding down sleep/wake and the home buttons for about 10 seconds.Keep holding until you see the black background with the white Apple logo.i tried this tip and tips here i resolved myissue thank you again Bottom-line: Good to use for small files especially if you are not at the usual computer.We have got all seen this anti-piracy advertisement in South Bend in theaters and TV, wait, how true may be the advertisement.😦 I updated, reset, synced and still, the finger piano, nor the facebook app are working. I deleted the finger app & now Apple wants me to pay again for it. I tried reinstalling applications and resetting the IPhone and still nothing worked; i am in a different country now, can this be the reason why the applications are working. this time though i simply just syncd my phone and pc and all apps were worked again fine. Deauthorize and reauthorize your computer Before attempting these steps, transfer all i Tunes Store and App Store content on the device to your computer.

Both times this has happened i noticed that i had several apps on my phone that were not syncd with my pc, dont know if that any reason for this to happen. I just bought the 3Gs and had the same issue, I am surprised that Apple is not doing anything or that they have not resolved this issue by now. Then, use the following steps to deauthorize and reauthorize your computer: Connect your device to a computer and open i Tunes. When the sync is complete, choose Store Authorize Computer from the menu bar.You can play the DVDs on your own large screen LCDs using DVD players.Episode quality prevailing on such places is also not up to the mark.What do I do if the App Store icon itself is not working. I have it unlocked for Tmobile and at at ver 2.2.1. I always thought that Microsoft that had the monopoly on software bugs!!Everything was working just fine till today evening. I just spent an hour in line at the apple store and didnt get any help. I just deleted tap tap revolution and added another free app…problem started when I updated all my apps…… I have had this problem in the past and found that installing or updating an app will solve the problem. I did not have any updates, so I just downloaded a free App, when I did, Apple required me to read a new “change of policy” statement. So if you don’t have any updates to do, find a free app to download, and agree to the policy. But interestingly I appeared to be logged out of i Tunes. If the new app solution don’t work, then this is for you.I went back to my i Phone and, presto, they all work again! Just had the same problem after the 2.2.1 update – no 3rd party apps worked. I sync the phone with two computers (Macbook Pro & i Mac24) and am wondering if this is the problem? No need to hassle with deleting and reinstalling unless updating doesn’t work first! ive tried deauthorizing and authorizing my computer. Check your app store to see if there are any pending updates. This resurrected my apps even though the pending update was for some other app.

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