Dating too nice

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His worst showing of being too nice was when he was on a first date with a girl and he walked her into the subway station (behind the turnstile-- he paid even though he wasn't riding the train), and waited with her for the train to come. Here are some ways that this could ring true: Hey, a good friend is hard to find.When she stepped onto the train, he then ran along as the train was leaving waving through the window at her until he couldn't keep up. A few weeks later they were no longer seeing one another when she and I ran into one another while we were out. What sometimes happens when we get into a relationship?

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We were none too pleased with this: Maybe we are not old fashioned enough, but we figured if a girl makes it out of the New York subway, she should easily capable (and independent) enough to walk five blocks to a bar.

I recently had the following IM conversation with my friend Jill: RICH ( AM): punks, and rock stars JILL ( AM): pretty much RICH ( AM): hence Dave and you will never be together JILL ( AM): he's a good guy RICH ( AM): haha too clean cut and nice JILL ( AM): pretty much Poor Dave!

Nothing against these occupations (not that being a punk is an occupation).

But the more important part of this conversation is that Jill stated that Dave (who adores her) is too nice.

A little more about Dave: he is well off, takes care of Jill as a friend, and asks her to do fun things all the time..know...dates? I had a friend who is now married who suffered from the "nice guy syndrome".

After a while it gets a little boring and they do tend to be clingy. I don’t want a–holes, but I don’t want a guy who doesn’t have a backbone.

He's losing out to punks, bar tenders and rock stars!

Do buys who are too nice also seem entitled, becasue they think you owe them since they did nice things for you—things maybe you didn’t even ask for? I think “nice guys” feel entitled to women because they are nice.

An actual nice guy understands that nice is important, but that doesn’t mean everyone from the opposite sex is going to want to be with you …. just because a girl is nice, doesn’t mean that’s going to mean all men like her.

She joked about the train run-along and proceeded to hit on me. It eventually runs its course and ends-which means awkwardness, or, and/or change in both of you since you started off as friends.

Maybe you can recover and remain buddies, but is it worth the risk if you find that you're really good friends with a nice guy?

Below are excerpts from the conversation on a truth bomb I posted recently: How do women respond to the phrase, “He’s a nice guy”? I’ll be sharing Lulu truth bombs from time to time that offer useful and fun information for our readers.

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