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There were also many cases of poor people selling their children to richer neighbors as slaves in times of hardship.

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However, the master could arrange that slaves would only have enough money to buy their freedom when they were too old to work.

They could then use the money to buy a new young slave while the old slave, unable to work, would be forced to rely on charity to stay alive.

Over time, however, slaves gained increased legal protection, including the right to file complaints against their masters.

Attitudes changed in part because of the influence among the educated elite of the Stoics, whose egalitarian views of humanity extended to slaves.Libertini were not entitled to hold public office or state priesthoods, nor could they achieve senatorial rank.During the early Empire, however, freedmen held key positions in the government bureaucracy, so much so that Hadrian limited their participation by law.Their living conditions were brutal, and their lives short.Slaves were considered property under Roman law and had no legal personhood.Roman slaves could hold property which despite the fact that it belonged to their masters, they were allowed to use as if it were their own.

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