Bipolar dating living together

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I don't know what to do..would not file charges against him. Sorting out all that is going on will help you make this important decision by journaling. Coffeegirl My tdoc is suggestive that this is a terrible idea but she wants me to make my own decision.

My grandmother and great grandmother both have commited suicide.I was crying everynight and my thrapist suggested that I not let her move in and that I couldn't help her if she didn't choose to help herself and accept her illness and separation from her husband. They would be in the best position to recommend what is best for you and your situation and help you through this difficult time right now.Recently she callled me and she was crying and having a hard time breathing and that's when I found out that my step father had beat her and bruised some of her ribs and that she was in the ER last night. It is very evident that you are in a tough scenario with your mother and uncertain about what to do, as what anyone could/would do in your predicament.Sorting out all that is going on will help you make this important decision by journaling. I've actually watched my mind start racing just through my handwriting, which is one of the reasons why I don't just type it. But all in all, it makes me feel like someone, or something can relate completely.That does not mean you have to write pages on pages each day, it can be a paragraph or so daily. i't is also easier to bring to my therapist so she can understand some things that I don't know how to explain. It sort of gives you something to look forward to when you hit a low, and it a positive feeling because now youre not having these thoughts you are using them as a tool that you are making something real out of.

Some of my stuff will turn out to be some really good songs and/or poems.

I remarked about her mood swings and how she isn't sleeping. I told her that maybe she should look into taking meds to help with her anxiety and insomnia, but she wouldn't.

After a while I had to make a decision and so I then told her that I could no longer offer to let her stay with me because It would be unsafe for my children and unhealthy for my medical condition.

Also, begin a journal so you can work through your emotions. When I feel better if I can handle it, I'll read back what I wrote the past month or so.

Right now there is a lot you are experiencing in your own life. It's almost like I was recording my mind word for word.

I want to help my mother because I love her so much but I'm afraid of what it will to do me and my family.