Methods of validating a questionnaire

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Basic steps for validating your items and your scale should include: If your scale is not unidimensional, these steps have to be done for each subscale, and you could also factor out the correlation matrix of your factors to assess the second-order factor structure (or use structural equation modeling, or confirmatory factor analysis, or whatever you want).

If not, the psych package has a describe() function which should give you the stats you need. If your factors do not appear to be correlated after an oblique rotation, switch to orhogonal rotation.I am designing a questionnaire for my dissertation.I am in the process of validating the questionnaire I have applied a Cronbach's alpha test to the initial sample group.That being said, it only fits Rasch models, and often data from psychological questionnaires do not meet the requirements for them. Psychometrics is a lot of fun, as you will no doubt discover.Validating a questionnaire means proving it measures what it's supposed to measure.Basically, the most interesting R packages that I use in my daily work are: ltm, e Rm, psych, psy.

Others are referenced on the CRAN task view Psychometrics.The responses to the questionnaire are on a Likert scale; can anyone suggest any further tests to apply to help test its validity.I am not an expert on statistics so any help would be appreciated.Or measure the trait by the Psychoscope (TM) and use that as a criterion.The other answers are more useful in pointing out what you probably can realistically do -- even though most of it is, strictly speaking, not about validity (exc.This is as an orthogonal structure can be determined from an oblique rotation, but not vice versa.

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