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Relationshipsdatinglove com

A large review of multiple studies from the American Psychological Association found that people who engage in what they called "intimate disclosures" tend to be liked more than those who disclose less about themselves.The same study also found that people tend to share more personal information with people whom they initially like.

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The dating prospects then got split again — half were "revealers" who admitted to engaging in some unsavory behavior, like fantasizing about doing something terrible.

The other half were "hiders" who did not volunteer this information.

They had 80 female college students work in pairs on a task, and facilitated a situation in which those students would "overhear" their partners talking about them.

(In reality, experimenters had told the partners what to say.) In the first of the study's four scenarios, the comments were uniformly positive; in the second, the comments were all negative; in the third, the comments changed from positive to negative; and in the fourth, the comments shifted from negative to positive.

The researchers looked at how revealing versus concealing information affected two scenarios: potential dates and potential employers.

Study participants were split into two groups — half were prospects for dates, and the rest could choose whether or not to date these individuals.

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When the volunteers were given the chance to pick who they'd rather date, 79% of them chose the revealer.