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KAddress Book KNotes Konsole Kalendar Kontact KOrganizer Mozilla Calendar — A Mozilla-based, multiplatform calendar program. Min GW — Windows port of GCCMono development platform — Multi-platform . Main article: : Category: Free software operating systems [edit]Password management Ked Password Manager Kee Pass Password Safe [edit]Personal information managers Chandler — In development by Mitch Kapor and the OSAF. Tree Line [edit]Programming language support Argo UML — Argo UML is a modelling tool that helps you design using UML diagrams CLISP — a Common Lisp interpreter and bytecode-compiler DJGPP — a 32-bit DOS port of GCC and other GNU utilities Eiffel Erlang Experix — command line and stack system for data acquisition and analysis and graphics Forth Free Pascal A Pascal compiler and cornerstone of the Lazarus RADGCC — a set of compilers for multiple programming languages and platforms, including CC Objective-CAda Java Pascal Fortran GT. M) compiler for Linux Harbour — compiler for the x Base superset language often referred to as Clipper Jikes — Java compiler LLVM — Optimizing compiler toolkit Logo — Derivative of Lisp without parenthesis, for kids, with Turtle Graphics Lua – a lightweight, reflective, imperative and procedural language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal.

Open Sync (software)Novell Evolution Rachota Timetracker — portable timetracking for projects. NET implementation (C#) based on the ECMA/ISO standards MMIXware — simulator for MMIXAL language and MMIX processor Objective CAML — a practical and fast functional OO language Parser — a language for dynamic website creation Perl — a programming language strong on text processing PHP — a scripting language designed for web site applications Prolog — Logic programming Python — A high-level scripting language Refal Rexx Ruby — A high-level scripting language Ruby on Rails — Ruby-based web development framework Star UML — a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of commercial UML tools such as Rational Rose Tcl/Tk — A high-level scripting language with a graphical toolkit [edit]Bug Trackers Bugzilla Mantis Mindquarry Trac Sharp Forge [edit]Code generators Bison Code Synthesis XSD — XML Data Binding compiler for C Code Synthesis XSD/e — Validating XML parser/serializer and C XML Data Binding generator for mobile and embedded systemsxmlbeansxx — XML Data Binding code generator for C Code Worker Flex lexical analyser Kodosphp Code Genie Ragel State Machine Compiler Redet^txt2regex$ [edit]Configuration Software Autoconf Automake [edit]Integrated development environments Main article: : Category: Open source integrated development environments [edit]Version control systems Main article: : Category: Free revision control software [edit]Publishing Passepartout Scribus [edit]e-Books Open Berg Lector Open Berg Rector [edit]Screen savers Electric Sheep Flurry XScreen Saver Boinc [edit]Security [edit]Anti-virus Clam AVClam Win Gateway Anti-Virus [edit]Anti-spyware Winpooch [edit]Encryption Gnu PGKGPGAx Crypt Neo Crypt Seahorse Windows Privacy Tray [edit]Disk encryption Cross Crypt Free OTFETrue Crypt [edit]Firewall Coyote Linuxe Box Platformfdgw Firestarter FWBuilder IPFilteripfw IPCop M0n0wall Peer Guardian PFpf Sense Rope Smooth Wall Shorewall Untangle [edit]Network/Security Monitoring Main article: : Category: Open source network management software [edit]ssh Lsh – server and client (supporting SRP and Kerberos authentication)Open SSH — client/server Pu TTY — client only Cyberduck — Mac OS X client only [edit]Other security programs Main article: : Category: Free security software [edit]Other Active Calendar — A PHP class that generates calendars as HTML tables Astro123 — Generate and read your natal horoscope Astro Grep — Grep with a GUIBible Time — Study Bible software Bio Era — Neurofeedback software Bochs — PC emulator Bots — EDI software (communication and translation)Cygwin — open source Unix environment for Win32Ebase — Open source constituent relationship management developed especially for non-profit organizations Emdros — text database front end and back end Gnaural — Brainwave entrainment software GNUpod — i Pod database managergtkpod — i Pod softwarei Pod Shuffle Database Builder Jitterbit_Integration_Server — Commercial Open Source Data and Application Integration Platform Kidzbrowser — Browser for children Link Checker — checks HTML documents for broken links Mar Zer UI — Application/File/Folder/Website manager for Windows XP computers Memtest86 — stress-tests RAM on x86 machinesmywebcreator — A package for creating online diaries Open Scene Graph — Commercial Open Source Project Management Paragent; Commercial Open Source Desktop Management Software QEMU — CPU emulator featuring support for multiple architecturesrefbase Rockbox — Alternate firmware for many portable media players, such as i Pods. But anyway, if you have any complaints and think that some content on Serials.

Di kepalanya masih terngiang-ngiang lagu ‘Suzanna’-nya The Art Company. Pernah nongkrongin video rental untuk dapetin episode terbaru serial Voltus atau Goshogun. Pernah nyewa film Ikkyu San di video rental dari no.

Pernah ikut-ikutan Break Dance dan maen Sepatu Roda… Nonton The Legend of Condor Heroes di videotape yg berformat BETA… Pernah ngedengerin lagu ‘Madu dan Racun’-nya Ari Wibowo ama Kugadaikan Cintaku’ nya Gombloh…

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Dipinggiran jalan suka ada coretan Destroyer, Tee-Ice, dsb.

Rambut John Taylor duran-duran digandrungin banget. Pernah punya salah satu produknya Nike (sepatu,kaos kaki,singlet) 10. Pernah dapet pembagian Susu Ovaltine atau Milo disekolah, gratis loh….. Kalo nonton konser, yang manggung perform repertoar band panutan, kayak Cockpit/Fredy Tamaela jadi Genesis/Phil Collins, Ikang jadi Rod Stewart (suaranya diserak-serakin sampe jadi serak beneran). Saben taon kudu nyari tiket Guruh & Swara Mahardikanya. Hafal kata2nya semua lagu dari kaset Sabda Alamnya Chrisye, bahkan yg aneh2 dan sok Kawi (karangan Guruh). Muhammad Syamlan, Lc Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta* Kota Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta* Kota Jakarta Fauzi Bowo Provinsi Gorontalo Kota Gorontalo Ir.