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The service has even drawn big names like Woody Allen, who will deliver an untitled six-episode series before the end of the year.

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Amazon's video business model appears to have been built around luring viewers in with the promise of free stuff, and then persistently upselling them additional content which they can rent or buy with a simple click. But that being said, Prime Video has much to offer and has quietly evolved into a premier streaming service in and of itself.

There are various ways to access this data depending on your platform.

Closed Captioning offers a number of advantages: 1) It allows viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy programs; 2) It allows viewers (even among the able-eared) to follow a show with the volume down (maybe you need to keep your ears out for something, maybe you're headphones are broken--it's actually not a terrible viewing experience); and 3) It can translate content to viewers who are more comfortable with a different language (it even comes in handy when accents are especially thick).

To enable this feature (at least on the mobile apps), tap the closed captioning icon at the bottom of the page and toggle captions on.

Here, you will also have the ability to choose various languages based on what's available for that program.

Furthermore, Amazon gives viewers the ability to customize how the captions look on the Amazon Video Setting page.

One of Prime Video's chief annoyances is the "Next Up" feature.

If you're watching an episode in a series, the entire screen gets draped in a gray shroud near the end of an episode and a little box will come up at the bottom corner highlighting the episode along with a countdown clock of the seconds until it begins.

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off this bothersome "Next Up" feature.

To share your Amazon Prime benefits, including Prime Video access, set up a "Household" and then select "Add an Adult" under "Setup your Household now." Suck it, Bezos.

Don't want the little people in your house watching big people do bad make-believe things?

You can set parental controls that will stop anyone without a special five-digit PIN from accessing certain ratings categories (as an added bonus, you can also stop any PIN-less people from making any unauthorized purchases). I only found that out while researching this article.